Profile photo VS reality: 12 people who have decided to reveal themselves before and after photo retouching -
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Profile photo VS reality: 12 people…
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Profile photo VS reality: 12 people who have decided to reveal themselves before and after photo retouching

November 15, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Nowadays it is very easy to deceive others about your appearance. If makeup is always an excellent ally for hiding wrinkles and various skin imperfections, the results obtained with Photoshop and the filters available on various social media applications are even more surprising. At the end of the day, we are no longer be able to distinguish reality from fiction. Fortunately there are many women and men who know how to laugh at it, being aware of this "problem". You should accept your beauty in its entirety and not just the "retouched" version created by applications. On this photo list, people of all ages have had enough sense of humor to reveal their true faces.

1. We can't always look perfect, particularily after she has just washed her hair: taking a little rest from glamour!

2. Social profile and reality ... but she's still smiling!


3. The usual problem: A woman who just wants to be left alone when she gets out of the shower

4. Fortunately, there are those who can laugh about it!

5. "Hey guys, makeup works wonders!"


6. On the right is a photo of a girl who has probably just woken up, on the left is a girl who has figured out how to position the camera to make the most of the light and makeup

7. Profile photo vs a frame from a video


8. Obviously men also work a lot on their social media profile photos ...

9. Instagram on the left, reality on the right: we all have bad days


10. We need to know how to appreciate ourselves in every moment of life!

11. There's been some post-production work here...

12. A woman who has these looks and this sense of humor, never let her go!

image: Imgur
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