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16 "panoramic" photos that are so bizarre…
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16 "panoramic" photos that are so bizarre that they are hard to believe

November 15, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Do you love taking panoramic pictures? The underlying idea is to make it possible to shoot an image that includes a portion of space larger than the one captured by a normal photo, but sometimes the result is by no means "normal" ...

In fact, if the subject you have decided to include in the panorama decides to move, well, then the effect could be "paranormal" just like in these 16 photos we have selected for you.

Here are some captured images that did not need photoshop to become incredible and surreal!

1. A souvenir photo of a rock concert ... and of that exact moment when the lighting technicians decided to change the lighting!

2. An "accordion" cat !?


3. Look what happens when you sneeze at the wrong time ...

4. Speaking of "paranormal" effects! Well, who says that someone cannot be in several places at the same time?

5. A tranquil photo of the sea that becomes a crazy tsunami!


6. A "Cerberus " dog really exists!

A weird accidental "caricature" photo!


8. The perfect "selfie" extendable arm!

9. The longest infant, you have ever seen!

image: meerkatdebs

10. A hybrid that will make evolutionary scientists think again! A mom dog and an elephant dad or vice-versa?!

11. Broken into a thousand pieces!

12. The superpowers of cartoon characters!

13. And this time it is a boy to opt for the "accordion effect"!

14. A wild haircut!

15. What won't they do for fashion ?!

16. This photo was inspired by the movie "Inception"!

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