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Ready for retirement: 15 people who…
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Ready for retirement: 15 people who as children looked like middle-aged ladies

May 31, 2021 • By Alison Forde

If you ask any grown-ups if they would like to go back in time, most would say yes. Today's adults would gladly exchange their daily life full of tasks and problems with the much more carefree one of yesterday. Yet when they were children they seemed to be looking forward to growing up and becoming adults. Are we never happy? Probably, that's right! Anyone who would like to turn back the years, however, has probably forgotten the looks they were sporting in their "best years", during those overwhelming and difficult adolescence. Looking back at those photos now, some people would definitely want to hide! Also, it looks like some people were trying to look an entirely different age as teenagers - or is it just a coincidence? In this list we have collected for you some of the most hilarious photos on the web, in which some people felt no shame in showing their photos from when they were young. Too bad they looked 20 years older!

1. Yearbook photos can be merciless ...

A photo from ta high school yearbook in which the ex student in question claims to look more like a 60-year-old librarian in a cardigan, turtleneck and thick glasses, rather than a student of her actual age. Yeah, but how old was she here? We don't know ...

2. Very glamorous ... yet she still looks like an old lady who just got off the Titanic!

These were her school years, yet, with these outfits, she already looked like an adult woman of a certain age!


3. "When I was 10, I looked like a middle-aged mom"

The smile of those who are unaware of their lookhow they really look

4. "Here I am, at 12: I had just discovered that my grandchildren hadn't had dinner yet"

A little girl, almost an adolescent, who poses as an adult woman ... in fact, as a grandmother!

5. Only the braces indicate her true age ... more or less!

If it weren't for those braces, would you ever have thought this was a teenager in the prime of her life?


6. "My friend who at 12 was already going on 45!"

7. Ready for a drink with friends!

The girl in the photo was only 8 years old, but as she herself wrote in the description of the image, she looked like she was already 43: divorced and ready to go for a drink with her friends after a long day at the office!


8. A real 80's TV star...

image: Imgur

9. A new school year, but it was already time for retirement!


10. "My fiancé showed me his passport when he was 16 .... 16 ?!"

image: Imgur

11. I looked like an old church going lady

12. My parents told me colored lenses were cool ... but I looked like Elton John!

13. Indefinite age, but in the 80s this girl seemed to have already lived through a few decades!

14. "First year of college: girls, please, one at a time!"

15. BONUS: Those who forget the past are doomed to make the same mistake forever!

image: Reddit
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