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A mom and daughter are turned away from…
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A mom and daughter are turned away from a supermarket because of their clothes: "It's a place for families"

May 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Fortunately, nowadays, everyone is free to dress as they see fit, following their own tastes and the fashion of the moment. At least in the Western world, ordinary people are free to wear what they prefer, or anything and everything, always within the limits of decorum. The important thing is not to exceed the limits of good taste, especially if you find yourself in situations that impose a particular dress code; think, for example, of schools or offices, where it's always good to show up in appropriate clothes. The scandal in this story, however, is a mother and daughter, who have been turned away from a supermarket because of their "inappropriate" clothes. The two were asked to leave the supermarket, as it's a "family" place, due to the excessively short crop tops they wore. But what is the limit of morality in this case?

via: The Sun

Chantell Humphreys, a 46-year-old woman, and her daughter Isabelle, 18 and a health care assistant, felt "insulted" by the request from the Broadstairs store staff: apparently, their clothes were not appropriate for what the staff defined as a "family supermarket". Their choice of their clothing was due to the weather, which was decidedly sultry: "We certainly wouldn't have worn scarves and coats!" said the two women. Sure, but for the store staff there seems to be a middle ground that was totally ignored by the two. Chantall and her daughter were very indignant, also because the manager of the store, once called into question, reiterated to them that those clothes were not suited to the situation: "It is as if two men had entered here without a shirt". For Chantall, of course, the comparison did not stand up in the least. 

Mom and daughter felt very embarrassed because everyone in the supermarket kept staring at them and, of course, because the staff asked them to leave. "My daughter is a health care assistant, she works hard and doesn't go out much," Chantall said, as if to justify their summer look. Unfortunately for them, however, there was nothing to be done: after queuing to enter the supermarket, the two were invited to leave the shop ...

Chantal's voice continued to ring out in front of the supermarket: "There's nothing wrong with what we're wearing!". And what do you think of it?

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