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6-year-old girl dresses up as her favorite TV character: a funny, old lady

Let's face it: children have wild imaginations and their audacity, in some situations, is worthy of all our admiration. With their purity and genuineness, they are able to make us smile, laugh and be…

Classic, romantic wedding photo or a prank played the spouses: what do you see in this picture?

When we talk about a wedding, of course, we also talk about the photo shoot, the wedding album, and taking numerous snapshots of the happiest moments of a couple's day. This is a very romantic part…

Loving 4-year-old takes care of her sleeping mother: she brings her tea and tucks in her blanket

Making sure that their children are in good health and do not have to worry about anything, especially at an early age, is one of the main tasks of a parent. Until they come of age, often many times…

This little boy has uncombable hair syndrome (UHS): "We thought he just had curly hair!"

You surely know that when you wake up in the morning, your hair needs to be brushed properly and thoroughly? Well, there are people in the world who can't get their hair under control even using a brush.…

Brothers receive an SMS by mistake, but decide to show up with gifts at the hospital anyway

A joyful and long-awaited event such as the birth of a child or grandchild can turn into the right occasion to re-evaluate the status of the human race. Mark and Lindsey Lashley, a couple from the state…

Children hate contact with grass and sand: amusing video shows their reactions (+ VIDEO)

The fears of young children are quite simple and common, but they should not be underestimated. Let's start by stating that parents are the first to transfer, even unknowingly, their own fears to their…

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