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1-year-old child dresses up as Queen Elizabeth II: Her Majesty sends the family a letter of thanks

Getting a letter from the Queen of England doesn't happen every day, but an American child has experienced this rare event. As everybody knows, in the United States it is traditional to dress up for Halloween…

Passenger is "annoyed" by a child sitting behind her (+VIDEO)

When traveling by plane or train, you will inevitably have to deal with other passengers who can sometimes be quite rude. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how intrusive their behaviour can be,…

Which of these three is the mother? This woman is so young looking that people have a hard time distinguishing her from their teenage daughters

There are women, who choose to dress in a "young" way and who manage to maintain a more sparkling attitude, while there are some women who don't seem to be touched at all by the passage of time. Kienya…

14 unfortunate people who would have liked to skip the day these things happened

There are days when we would simply like a bad day to finish as quickly as possible, to put an end to our prolonged bad luck. It can happen to anyone to run into a "bad day" and feel tired and dejected…
Absurd Cute Funny

"But how old are they?": 18 people whose age we just can't figure out

The passage of time is inevitable, we will all grow old sooner or later, but some people seem to have found ways to stop the negative effects of time. Observing some people, it seems almost impossible…

15 parents from the past who today would be arrested for the way they looked after their children

Being a parent is as difficult today as it was twenty or thirty years ago: a manual with the golden rules to follow in order to infallibly educate one's children does not exist and has never existed.…

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