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Profile photo VS reality: 12 people who have decided to reveal themselves before and after photo retouching

Nowadays it is very easy to deceive others about your appearance. If makeup is always an excellent ally for hiding wrinkles and various skin imperfections, the results obtained with Photoshop and the…

He asked his teenage children to dial a number on an old telephone: their attempts are hilarious

The younger generations, by now, are able to approach any technological innovation with an expert eye and an agile mind: there's hardly a 10-year-old boy who won't be able to handle a smartphone nowadays.…

Australian firefighters pose with animals for charity in the new 2021 calendar

The Australian fire brigade calendar is now an important tradition which has been in production since 1993. It is a charity project, which aims to provide concrete help to the Children's Hospital Foundation,…

A mother films her 2 twins who "chat" amiably as if they were old friends

Twins, as you know, have a special relationship: they have shared everything from the first moment, when they were in their mother's womb, and once they come into the world they continue to relate to…

16 photos of people who turned from "ugly ducklings" into splendid swans

When you enter that adolescent phase between the ages of 12 and 15, you almost always feel extremely out of place and tend to feel ... ugly. That's right, you feel ugly and inadequate, and you would do…

13 positive photos that might make your day a little brighter

Life has a way of throwing obstacles at us, and, naturally, it is our job to do whatever we can to get over them. Although the hard times make it tempting to throw in the towel and "give up on life,"…

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