Brothers receive an SMS by mistake, but decide to show up with gifts at the hospital anyway -
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Brothers receive an SMS by mistake,…
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Brothers receive an SMS by mistake, but decide to show up with gifts at the hospital anyway

February 13, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

A joyful and long-awaited event such as the birth of a child or grandchild can turn into the right occasion to re-evaluate the status of the human race. Mark and Lindsey Lashley, a couple from the state of Georgia (USA), had the pleasure of welcoming Cason, their first child. Nothing strange so far, right? However, for the happy event, two strangers also showed up to congratulate the mom and dad at the hospital. At this point you are probably wondering why, right? Well, Cason's grandmother, so taken by the joy of having a grandchild, sent several text messages to family members, letting them know about the birth of the child, and in doing so, she must have typed one of the phone numbers incorrectly. The two strangers, however, were delighted to get the message and showed up as a surprise and with gifts!

It all started from a misunderstanding: Cason's grandmother sent group messages to several people in her family, with the news of the birth of her grandson, but among the numbers she typed, she typed one incorrectly, ending up contacting a certain Dennis Williams. The man, who was seen receiving the unexpected message, did not ignore the woman's note and replied congratulating her on the birth of her grandchild. "Congratulations! But I think you got the wrong number", after which he added that he would go to the hospital with his brother: "What's the room number? We have gifts!". The two brothers then took a photo with the couple who probably found new friends in these two strangers.

It does not happen every day that there is this type of meeting and, certainly, it does not happen that ther is this overwhelming show of goodness involving people who, until recently, did not even know each other. Perhaps, this is precisely why stories like this have been so successful on social media: we live in a world where it seems increasingly difficult to really feel contact with someone, despite the many of means of communication available. And to know that two strangers have had the time and the will to go and visit strangers is something that warms the heart.

Mark and Lindsey Lashley are sure to have a great story to tell their son Cason when he grows up!

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