Viewers tease her for her "huge" eyes: "I don't care, I know they make me more beautiful"

Mark Bennett

December 28, 2022

Viewers tease her for her

Sometimes we hear about people with unique features that distinguish them from others. For example, there are those who have moles in an unusual shape; those who have large birthmarks; and then there are those who have some other unique feature. However, these distinguishers are not always considered positive and some individuals may even be teased about them.

The young woman we want to tell you about here knows something about this. She is a 21-year-old who has been the target of teasing about a physical peculiarity that makes her special. Let's find out what it is:

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@sam.mcnab/Tik Tok

Samantha is a young Tiktokker who loves creating content for the web and has many followers. With her videos, she gets many views and likes, but she has also been the target of teasing. Why is this? Well, apparently her eyes are too big and mar her beauty.

Samantha has green eyes that are much larger than usual and this makes her quite unique. One day, she decided to share her story in a video posted to TikTok. In the clip, Sam - that's what she calls herself - decided to do a face reveal, but covering up her eyes with her hand at first.

After a few moments, Sam lowers her hand and shows her eyes to the viewers. Proud of what Mother Nature has given her, Sam has no intention of letting herself be influenced by negative opinions and to "go into hiding".

@sam.mcnab/Tik Tok

Sam's clip received a lot of comments, many emphasizing how beautiful her eyes were. "You're gorgeous, I didn't expect how beautiful you would be," one comment reads. "Your eyes are fantastic," another comment states. And many similar comments were posted by viewers.

Unfortunatley, there were those who continued to make fun of Sam, comparing her to characters in Tim Burton's films or to Mr Bean. Despite these cruel comments, Sam doesn't care and she continues to be proud of her special eyes.

What do you say: do you like Sam's eyes?