Loving 4-year-old takes care of her…
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Loving 4-year-old takes care of her sleeping mother: she brings her tea and tucks in her blanket

April 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Making sure that their children are in good health and do not have to worry about anything, especially at an early age, is one of the main tasks of a parent. Until they come of age, often many times thereafter, a mother and father continue to care for and worry about their children. But there comes a time in life when the roles are suddenly reversed and it is the children who reciprocate all that love and attention they received, taking care of their elderly or disabled parents. However, a viral video posted by "nigerianwedding" on Instagram shows a girl of less than four years of age engaged in performing a series of caring actions for her mother who is "sick" (or who was simply asleep on the sofa).

In the video you can clearly see the child - politely and caringly - can't wait to take care of her "sick" mother. We do not know if she is really sick or if she is simply pretending. Whatever the case, she is being pampered by her little daughter. And the child does not waste and time - she undertakes a whole series of caring actions that a mother would normally carry out for a sick child.

She tucks in the blanket of the sleeping mom on the sofa and then goes off to make her some hot tea to sip while she's lying down. This last activity does not seem to be the first time she has carried it out it - in fact, she also has a little step stool on which to climb to be get to the height of the kitchen units. She also kisses her mother on the forehead, just like a mother who takes care of her daughter would.


The mother was emotionally moved and, in the video, we see her smiling at her daughter when the little girl hands her the cup of tea. A polite, caring and kind child who knows how to show all her love for her mother when she gets sick or needs to take a break. Obviously, the mother eventually makes room for her little one under the blanket so that they can lie down together and cuddle.

Followers who viewed the video were struck by the ease with which such a small girl seems to behave like an adult. It is unusual and it is certainly not something we see every day in modern family life. Perhaps that's why the video went viral and made so many people smile. We hope it makes you smile too.

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