Two little thieves caught in the act!
Look closely at this creepy Hyperflesh Mask ... if you dare! Four matches and one move makes one square!? A Magic Trick?!

Two little thieves caught in the act!

May 25, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

To implement the perfect theft you need passion, skill and a touch of madness!

These two sweet but very mischievous criminals have everything you need and certainly a very strong desire to grab a snack from the fridge!

I mean, if mom and dad have practically padlocked the fridge then there must be something so good that it is worth opening it, at any cost! Right? Right!

Consequently, here in the video, we see the big brother, the architect of the theft, involving the younger brother, who is critical to the success of the plan!

Tags: CuteChildren Tenders
We Had A Fridge Lock?

"So much for a fridge lock." #LoveWhatMatters Submitted by Ashley Warner

Pubblicato da Love What Matters su Domenica 21 maggio 2017

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