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3 couples bring their uninvited children…
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3 couples bring their uninvited children to a wedding: the bride and groom ask them to pay for the kids

April 11, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Organizing a wedding is very tiring project. There are many things to decide about and, in doing so, the couple will have to do everything possible so that both they, and the guests, are at ease on the day. One thing that, at times, could create some turbulence, is the presence of children. Younger guests may get bored and tired easily during the ceremony or at the reception. Nothing’s strange about this, given the nature of children. A child does not have the adaptability of an adult and it is normal for them to try to stay active by playing, around running and maybe even making loud noises (screaming, for example).

But what if the spouses are not willing to tolerate all this on the most beautiful day of their lives? And this is exactly the situation in which the subjects of the story we are about to tell about here found themselves in.

Speaking about her experience was the bride in a long post on Reddit. "My husband and I had made a choice for the wedding day: we had decided that there would be no children either during the ceremony or in the restaurant,” said the woman. Obviously, this was not a rushed decision. "There were many large families involved, and this was the main reason for our decision. The problem was mainly one of an economic nature. Once we made the guest list, we calculated how many children there would be and the figure was very high. This is because a child has needs that are different to adults and a different organization and logistics would have been necessary. So, in the invitations, we specified that it would be a wedding without children invited," said the bride.

Initially, apparently everyone had taken the decision well and had adapted to accommodate it. After all, it would be a special day for the couple and their every wish had to be satisfied. Too bad it didn’t actually turn out that way in the end. Three couples, in fact, showed up at the event with lots of their young offspring in tow.

The bridegroom flew into a rage - mainly because those who turned up with their (nine) kids, had been invited by him. Despite everything, the wedding couple allowed the 9 children to stay and asked for a table be set up for them too. The spouses, however, immediately specified one thing: the parents of the children would have to pay the bill for their children's extra catering.

Unfortunately, the day got worse. Two of the 9 children were very agitated during the entire event: they ran around, screamed, and cried. For a while, the spouses and the guests tried to calm them down and make them stop, but the breaking point was reached when the little ones started throwing food at the wedding guests. As if that were not enough, they also hit the bride with food, dirtying her dress. At that point, the newly married couple could not do otherwise but to ask the 3 families to leave the reception.

"A few days after the reception we sent a bill for the children's dinner to the 3 couples and a letter in which we said that, despite the chaos which had erupted, we were pleased to have had them by our side on the wedding day. Two out of three couples paid the bills immediately, apologizing for the fracas. The third family did not, and in fact, they called us up and were very rude. In the following days they tried to apologize, but my husband has decided to end relations with them".

The newly-wed couple, however, are still not sure that they have did the right thing. Could they have foregone sending the bill for just 9 more covers? Surely if the wedding couple make some reasonable requests of their guests, it is always polite for these guests to oblige, in order to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant situations just like the one in this story.

Have you ever experienced a similar experience firsthand (whether you were a guest or a bride / bridegroom)?


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