Children hate contact with grass and…
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Children hate contact with grass and sand: amusing video shows their reactions (+ VIDEO)

January 26, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The fears of young children are quite simple and common, but they should not be underestimated. Let's start by stating that parents are the first to transfer, even unknowingly, their own fears to their children. For example, even if a mother manages to appear to be serene in seeing an frightening insect or entering the sea to swim, children are still able to sense the state of tension that lies behind the illusion of calm. Obviously, the advice is always to be by the child's side when they are first exposed to experiences like this, thereby trying to get them accustomed to these situations gradually.

If children's fears are many and various, there is one that unites all of them: that of fear of contact with grass and sand! It is more of a nuisance than a real fear, but it is often counted amongst the "summer" fears of the child, as it is during the summer that they will be running around freely and encountering these things.

Babies Who Really Don't Like Grass

Don't touch the grass! 😂

Pubblicato da All The Babies su Venerdì 24 gennaio 2020

To prove that "all small children are equal" when in contact with grass, we can watch this amusing video. Before the age of 3, children are fascinated by having new experiences, moving objects and playing with animals. Later, they seem to develop their fears and apprehensions. It may be that, as they grow and develop, children go through a period of time in which their nervous system seems to make them much more sensitive to certain situations, sights and the feel of certain textures. Apparently, the touch of fresh grass on childrens feet or hands causes them some discomfort. And sand, it turns out, is another great "enemy" of the child's summer fun.

Rather than lean or stand on the ground, each child in this video prefers to lift up their legs and try really hard not to touch the surface with the texture that they find discomforting.

The video is very amusing and shows a number of similar situations in which the child seems to be very upset by their encounter with green grass or a sandy beach.

Have you had similar experiences with children or grandchildren? Tell us in the comments!

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