"I wouldn't let him to jump down the…
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"I wouldn't let him to jump down the stairs": 17 capricious children cry for the most absurd reasons

April 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How wonderful is it to be a parent? The happiness that a child brings to a couple's life is indescribable, but it wouldn't be correct to represent parenthood only in this way. Being a mum and dad also means being responsible for another life, it means fatigue and self sacrifice - all factors that, at times, can throw a family's balance into crisis. The important thing to remind yourself in these cases is that these are temporary moments: children will grow up sooner or later and we, as parents, won't always be struggling with dirty diapers and hysterical crying due to some whim. Babies crying, you know, can be a real headache, after all it's designed to elicit care and attention from parents. Children cannot help but cry and hold on to whatever is upsetting them in the moment. You will be amazed, in fact, to learn the reasons (each one more absurd than the next!) why these wonderful children are so desperate: have fun!

1. "The train has derailed, I REPEAT: the train has derailed!"

When you remove the train from the rails, but then you cry in despair because it's no longer on the rails. How can you console a soul so lost and confused about what to do? 

2. He wanted to drink from a half-empty beer bottle, abandoned on a low wall ...

It doesn't matter if the prohibition refers to a play activity, to the last toy you want so much, or if it is for the very valid reason such as that expressed by the mother of this child, - they will always cry! 


3. "The toast isn't square!"

He wanted square toast, but there was only one type of bread in the kitchen: now it's a real tragedy!

4. "If I didn't let them dress like that for the party, I would never have heard the end of it"

5. "He's angry that we don't let him jump off the boat!"

When there are dangers involved you have to be firm ... but it's so difficult to compete with such sulks? 


6. "I asked him to pick up the towel that he himself had thrown on the ground ..."

7. "He looked at me with this angry expression throughout the entire flight"

 It might be a bad idea to run out of her favorite candy on a 4-hour flight - get ready for her wrath to be released!


8. "He offered me a piece of the pretzel and I ... I accepted it!"

9. Her corndog was split ...


10. Bad day?

All these tears are due to the fact that her mother has forbidden her to eat cocoa butter, throw herself in the pond and throw the cereal on the floor. In addition, the dog ate the snack that she herself had offered him. All of this can suddenly become a cause for great desperation!

11. "No, we won't let you tear up the check your great-grandmother sent you for your birthday ..."

12. He ate all the mozzarella on his pizza and now he's desperate!

 We can have a little sympathy with this: what is the point of pizza without cheese? The problem is that he ate it all by himself ...

13. There was a layer of frosting on both sides of the cookie ...

14. "I wouldn't let him jump down the stairs!"

15. Her toy dog on a string keeps following her every time she pulls it along ...

16. "I told him he couldn't eat the stickers I stuck on the fridge"

17. "I told my 5-year-old that that the lobster costume might be a little small ..."

Nobody enjoys seeing their child cry, but when these hilarious situations happen it's really hard to hold back the laughter!

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