She forces her children to clean up their neighborhood as punishment: they were always quarreling with each other -
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She forces her children to clean up…
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She forces her children to clean up their neighborhood as punishment: they were always quarreling with each other

May 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes, to make sure that your child understands a hard life lesson and that he doesn't think he's gotten away with it, or realizes that he has made a mistake, you don't need sweet and comforting words, but concrete actions, which at times can seem to be a little harsh. But parents need to understand that their children will never learn anything from life unless they understand that nothing is achieved without effort or sacrifice. A lesson that this British mom put into practice with unexpected results.

The woman is called Katie Al-Malik, she is 35 and lives in the city of Liverpool, Great Britain, and has two loving children: 6-year-old Joseph and five-year-old Aliyah; two truly irresistible children, too bad that all too often they quarreled and fought with each other over foolish matters. Business as usual for children of this age, but she Katie knew when too much was too much. So, to try to make them understand that they could not continue in this way and that they would have to collaborate and get along with each other, the mother had a brilliant idea ...

She bought them two reflective vests usually used by street cleaners, and she told them to perform an exemplary punishment: they would have to clean up the trash in their driveway and so they would also work together to achieve a goal; in addition, on each jacket, Katie had written "My mother forced me to do community service because we fight too often" ...

When the neighbors and the inhabitants of the neighborhood passed by the two children, obviously supervised by their mother Katie, they nodded and told them "Well done, kids!"; after a single day of "punishment", Joseph and Aliyah had cleaned 12 bags of garbage in their neighborhood. And apparently, they had enjoyed this job as astreet cleaner for one day so much that they asked their 35-year-old mother if they could do it again!

Now, it seems that Joseph and Aliyah leave the house every day to help clean up their neighborhood as they can; they put on their reflective vests and start picking up trash and filling garbage bags to make their surroundings prettier and cleaner. And Mom Katie has revealed that now her two little children have never been as quiet, happy, obedient and cooperative with each other in their entire lives, as they are now.

It seems like they understood the lesson.


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