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Classic, romantic wedding photo or a prank played the spouses: what do you see in this picture?

June 01, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When we talk about a wedding, of course, we also talk about the photo shoot, the wedding album, and taking numerous snapshots of the happiest moments of a couple's day. This is a very romantic part of the wedding ceremony and, in some cases - for those with a sense of humor - it is also a chance for the photographers to have a little fun and compose a funny, amusing set of photos for the married couple. And this is a little bit like what the newlywed couple did in the photo we are about to show you.

Holding on to each other, the two seem not to be shown in a classic wedding photo pose, but are portrayed in what seems to be a decidedly strange stance. In reality, the two are not doing anything different from so many other couples, but we must admit that the resulting illusion is truly misleading. Where are the bride's legs? Let's find out!

via: Reddit

In the photo, the bride seems to have her legs resting over the shoulders of her new husband. While her husband looks at her with dreamy eyes and clearly in love with her, she almost seems to be "climbing" on top him - laughing while she's doing it too. It is clear that there is a trick of perspective going on here that creates a deceiving view and can lead even the most attentive observer to make a mistake interpreting the image.

We are sure of one thing, the photo posted on Reddit by user @arpitr20 made the rounds on the web very quickly and aroused a lot of laughter and a very high number of comments. Many admitted that they were still a little confused by what they were seeing. Others took a lot longer than they expected to be to look at the photo and decipher it for what it really shows.

In this photo, we have revealed a little more of it and ... have you found the solution? Where are the legs of this bride? On her husband's shoulders, or not? If you still do not see the answer or are not 100% sure of what you are looking, don't worry - we will give you a few moments longer before showing you the photo in its entirety.


And here is the complete photo. Perhaps now you have worked out what you are looking at?

The woman is being lifted up by her husband and her legs are, in fact, in a very natural position for this action. It is actually the man's arms that create the illusion. In the act of encircling her hips, the man unknowingly creates a bridge between the white of his shirt and that of the wedding dress. So, as both of them hug, the back of the husband's shirt gives the impression that his better half is sitting on his shoulders.

So, were you finally able to see what this photo really portrays?

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