A woman stops making the bed after 45…
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A woman stops making the bed after 45 years and assigns her husband to do it: his attempts are hilarious

June 13, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Many women and many men know this well: making the bed at home is one of the most hated chores. This is a task that wives, mothers and partners usually take care of and at which guys usually don't get along very well. Of course: exceptions are not lacking and, as in everything, we should not generalize, but we can risk saying that this is the most widespread trend. Men, out of laziness, listlessness or less aptitude for domestic tasks, are not the best in keeping sheets, blankets and pillows in order.

Joanne Sterling, an American woman from Washington who has been making the bed for 45 years, also knows this well. One day, however, she decided that she had had enough and entrusted the task to her husband Jim. The man, at home retired, accepted, showing a discreet willpower to put himself to the test. The results? Judging from the photos that his wife took every day, they are not the most exciting. Pillows arranged "at random", blankets not stretched as they should be: despite goodwill, the bed made by Jim is far from perfectly arranged. The photos, however, are hilarious: you just have to take a look!

1. Crumpled bedspread and pillows arranged in a somewhat dubious way: maybe Jim thought he was making a composition ...

2. Jim didn't really want to show the yellow pillows today: he hid them behind the others, and certainly the bed could be more tidily arranged!


3. Every day a new "discovery": it can be seen that for 45 years Jim has never worked on making the bed

4. Maybe today he wanted to reverse his head and feet, and he arranged the cushions on the opposite end!

5. "He said he was on strike today!"

6. Strange "creatures" have begun to appear among the cushions ... Jim has decided to play with fantasy

7. Maybe a little too "crowded", but at least the good intentions are appreciated

8. Why arrange the cushions like this? Lack of time or the desire to make a kind of sculpture?

9. He certainly doesn't lack imagination: who knows if his wife has appreciated it ...

10. Here are Joanne and Jim: their funny "adventures" at home have gone around the web, raising a smile from many viewers!

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