"But how old are they?": 18 people whose…
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"But how old are they?": 18 people whose age we just can't figure out

August 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The passage of time is inevitable, we will all grow old sooner or later, but some people seem to have found ways to stop the negative effects of time. Observing some people, it seems almost impossible to be able to establish their true age: there are those who seem much younger and those, on the other hand, seem to have the opposite problem. Have you ever gone to the supermarket and, at the cashier, were asked if you were of legal age to be able to buy wine or beer? Something like this must have happened to some of the people on this photo list.

Many people cannot guess at a glance what the chronological age of some individuals is, butfaced with certain cases, how can you tell at all?

1. Ok, so ... are you of age?

2. "The photo of a friend of mine when he was 10 years old"

The user who posted this photo admitted that he thought, at the time, that it wasn't his friend in the photo, but his friend's mom. 


3. This guy has just turned 29...

 ...but from his face, he looks much younger!

4. "Hi everyone, this is me. I'm 18 years old."

 Are we sure he's 18 and not 28? I have my doubts...

5. "A police officer from my city"

 Whenever this policewoman hits the street, everyone wonders if she's 30 or 12.


6. "This photo was taken about a week before my fourteenth birthday"

He looks much older, don't you think? 

7. Are we sure she's old enough to get married?


8. She's celebrating her 50th birthday, but he looks much younger

 She looks more like 12!

9. This looks like the teachers' yearbook photo ...

image: Reddit

10. Her face appears not to match her chronological age

11. Are we sure that those are real tattoos and not just drawn on with a pen?

12. Apparently he has 2 degrees and a master's

 How strange, he seems barely out of third year of high school!

13. Is it a birthday or a retirement party?

14. This bodybuilder has the face of a 13-year-old boy

15. Mike Tyson when he was only 13 years old

image: Reddit

16. Is he 7 or 57?

17. I was 12 in this family photo

As she wrote herself, rather than a 12-year-old girl she looked like a 35-year-old secretary, the kind who brings cookies to the office on Christmas Day.

18. A giant with the face of a child?

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