22 photos that will give you something…
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22 photos that will give you something to think about before you can understand the meaning!

April 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Each of us has a routine and habits that we repeat from day to day and when we are too absorbed in our repetitive lifestyle, we no longer pay attention to anything that is not part of it.

To return to noticing and understanding all the things that inevitably happen even on our way to work every day, we must be curious and observe what surrounds us with a critical eye.

When we do, then we can also notice absurd images, such as these ...

A bench with a decidedly unusual shape.

Is that a dinosaur on the back of that statue of a dog?


A radiator that is definitely out of the ordinary ...

Camouflage in progress!

A bench formed by a pile of books --- delightful!


The sign has warned you!

The street lamps of this city resemble Star Trek's Starship USS Enterprise.


This hematoma on his thumbnail resembles a bowl of steaming hot soup ...

An amazed coffee?!


This building seems to have an escape route for mice!

Wow, what a ... mustache!

The optical illusion created by the lights and the carpet ...

"I am watching you ..."

The advantages of having an RGB light ...

A ladybird that looks very angry, indeed!

This kitten is blind in one eye and for this reason in photos, he always resembles the Terminator.

Train running !

A magnificent rainbow inside the house.

Watermelon with a mustache.

Unsuccessful advertising.

A beautiful statue? No, indeed! It is a flesh and blood woman!

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