There are two types of people in the…
Her parents won't buy her a horse: she decides to teach a cow how to show jump

There are two types of people in the world, and these photos are a fun demonstration of that

December 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The world has always been divided into two categories of people, no matter what the subject is. There will always be dog lovers and those who prefer cats by far; there are those who get scared by a horror film and those who don't, those who cannot live in disorder and those who have no problem with dust and some clothes left on the floor. On the other hand, the world is beautiful because it is varied, right? Surely, even you the reader will recognize yourself in one or category or the other. Check out this photo list and let us know what kind of person you are!

1. There are those who would literally want to run away from home to get to school ... and those who cry because they have no desire to go there!

2. When you go to a Halloween party dressed as the Babadook, but the night has more of a "grown-up wine" vibe


3. When you go to a Halloween party expecting an evening with friends drinking wine and instead you find yourself with a Babadook vibe!

4. The ancient dilemma of how to place the toilet paper roll on the holder ...

5. There are those who use the toothpaste as it comes (at random!) And those who have a particular technique to squeeze just the right amount of product from the bottom!


6. There are those who love the company of dogs ...

7. ... and those who love that of cats!


8. Even scientists are divided between those who are orderly ... and those who are not!

9. Those who only set one alarm ... and those who need to postpone it several times before getting up!


10. Christmas lights? There are those who would prefer to buy new ones every year rather than untie all those knots!

11. Roller coasters are not for everyone: there are those who love them and those who are terrified!

12. There are two types of IT technicians ...

image: Imgur

13. Two different ways of decorating the Christmas tree denotes two different personalities!

14. BONUS: And then there's mom and dad!

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