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18 people who decided to adopt a "kitten"…
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18 people who decided to adopt a "kitten" and they ended up with a tiger

April 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When you live in an apartment you have to consider the size of the animals that you want to introduce into your living space, to respect their and your own well-being.

People who do not have a lot of space, often choose a small dog or a cat that, as a rule, should not become very big over time.

Note that we said, as a rule, because there is no lack of "extra-large" cats --- that are so big as to exceed by several times the normal size of common domestic felines!

This cat does not seem to understand the reason for so much enthusiasm ...

"My girlfriend always said she had a big cat, but I didn't think it could be this big ..."


We bet she's sweating hard trying to keep him in her arms ...

image: Flickr / Le Silly

Perhaps it is just the effect of its long and abundant cat hair?

image: Reddit

Impossible?! ... But it's true!

image: Daily Mail

When you have such big cats, there are no heights that they cannot reach ...

image: imgur.com

Surely, this cat did not arrive at the vetrinarian in the usual pet carrier ...

image: lovemeow.com

The little dog ... and the huge cat!

It is good to distinguish between size ... And being overweight.


33 lb (15 kg) of pure beauty!

This cat will definitely not be satisfied with a few kitty treats per day!

image: funnypica.com

This cat claims that it was all due to being neutered ...

image: pinterest.com

Despite his physique, which is not exactly athletic ... he still managed to climb up there!

image: imgur.com

Comparing dimensions ...

Absolutely wonderful!

image: imgur.com

A cat like that is hard to lose sight of ...

It does not even look like a cat!

Proud to be XL!

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