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10 plants that will grow and flourish even in the darkest corner of your house

April 22, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A careful assessment of areas that are exposed to the sun is essential before introducing plants into your house.

Some species, in fact, survive only if they receive sunlight during most of the day and keeping them in the shade would cause them to die in less than no time.

However, even if you do not have much sunlight in your house, or if you are forced to keep the shutters down because you are out all day, you do not have to give up having houseplants.

In fact, here are 10 that can grow and actually thrive even in the darkest corner. 


The Begonia is a genus of perennial flowering plants in the family Begoniaceae that is appreciated both in planter pots and in the ground for the beauty of its flowers and leaves. This plant loves the shade and humid environments.


Hypoestes aka "the polka dot" plant is an evergreen with a bushy appearance that is very much appreciated for the lovely spotted look of its leaves. The lighter part can vary from cream to intense pink.



Plectranthus aka Spur Flower is also known as an incense plant due to its very characteristic fragrance. This plant loves both shady and semi-shaded locations.

Lobularia maritima

Lobularia maritima, common name sweet alyssum or sweet alison, or just alyssum is perfect if you love small flowers. This plant will surprise you with its beautiful simplicity. The little flowers, which grow luxuriant above all in summer, are white and endowed with four petals, that display a very refined beauty. If you have a house that is not very sunny, then this Lobularia plant, will give you great satisfaction nevertheless.

Gryphon Begonia

This plant recalls the mythological being, the griffin or griffon for its beauty and resistance. The leaves are large and display a very special design. In fact, the dark green color alternates with the light one, which almost looks like silver, which creates an extremely elegant effect. Ideal to keep in a shaded area of the garden or the house.


Do you want a cascade of colors in your house or in the garden? Then, one of the plants that you definitely should not miss is Lobelias. These blue flowers will enchant you every time you look at them. In addition, Lobelias grow very well in areas that are in the shade or semi-shade.


image: pixabay.com

If your house abounds with dark and humid corners, then this beautiful plant will give them the right liveliness! During the summer, this plant blooms abundantly even in the shade.


If you prefer plants with leaves rather than flowers, the Coleus plant will illuminate the darkest rooms in your house. Each individual Coleus plant displays completely different shades of red and green.


image: pixabay.com

Its invasive capacity is well known, but rest assured --- your house will not be overrun by ivy. Instead, this plant will give the rooms in your house a more lively appearance, due to its characteristic bright green color.


If you love flowers with a particular shape, then Torenia aka "the wishbone flower" is the plant for you. In fact, the flowers are in the shape of a wishbone and the colors alternate between lighter and darker tones, with its characteristic yellow center. You can grow it in both sunny and shaded areas.

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