18 photos of parked cars to which you…
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18 photos of parked cars to which you will not know how to give a logical explanation

April 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The expression "bad parking" does not arise from an exaggeration from those individuals who are maniacs of civic order, but from the awareness of people who no longer have any illusions and know that even regarding cars and parking, there is no end to absurdity.

Yes, because even if you find it difficult to find a valid reason (other than alcohol), there are those who leave their car parked in ways that are nothing short of imaginative.

These incidents could have led to serious fines, but one thing is for sure, all have practically forced passers-by to take a picture!

1. When you hate your neighbor and you want everyone to know it.

2. Yet he or she should have realized that this was not in an empty parking lot ...


3. Be careful! It was not easy!

4. A hurricane does not seem to have passed --- what hypotheses do you propose?advanced?

5. Aladdin also does not respect the parking rules!


6. We do not even know where to start!

7. Something tells us that for "green vehicles" they meant something else ...


8. Say what? You don't have a sculpture of Lenin in the parking lot under your house too?

9. Maybe it cannot be called a car, but nevertheless, the parking strips should be taken into consideration!


10. Abililty to use the handbrake correctly --- Zero!

image: Imgur/sam1213

11. Cars with jaws? Do as he did! Replace the wheel and continue on your way!

12. Someone parked their car there and never came back to get it ...

13. A little like they did!

14. This vehicle carries with it the remains of a victim!

image: Reddit/Merytz

15. An interesting dynamic on which to conjecture ...

16. He does not seem to realize WHERE he is ...

image: Imgur

17. Thick ice? ... no only a half an inch!

18. We can only imagine what happened before this machine was abandoned in this condition...

Have you ever witnessed a really weird looking parking lot that only a photograph could explain well?

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