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16 original do-it-yourself ideas with…
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16 original do-it-yourself ideas with plastic bottles that will come in handy all year round

April 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The more the hours of sunshine in a day increase, the more we feel energetic and desire to be active.

If we are people who like to try their hand at do-it-yourself projects, then the arrival of spring unleashes all the creativity that is within us, making us imagine a myriad of things we could do to prepare ourselves to fully enjoy the beautiful and carefree days of summer.

As you may know, one of the most versatile objects in terms of creativity is the common and ever-present plastic bottle!

Discover sixteen DIY projects that you can easily create simply starting from this familiar object (find the link to the explanations in the credit for each image).

1. A comfortable and original do-it-yourself pencil case.

image: Doodlecraft

2. A simple trick to separate the yolk from the egg white and speed up the preparation of desserts.

image: Handimania

3. Small self-irrigating planters to start the cultivation of seeds and seedlings.

4. Floral decorations made of colored plastic.

5. A multi-level jewelery box.

image: Epbot

6. Use the bottoms of plastic bottles as floral impression molds.

image: Alpha Mom

7. By cutting and intertwining the plastic tabs you will be able to obtain a truly unique vase or object holder.

image: Handimania

8. Do you need an irrigator? Nothing could be simpler! Just drill some holes in a plastic bottle and insert the hose you use to water the lawn!

9. Make a bird feeder with a plastic bottle and a couple of wooden spoons

image: Handimania

10. Discover a new way to make soap bubbles!

11. A plastic bottle also lends itself to localized irrigation --- just pierce the bottle in several places and bury it next to the plant so that the roots can easily find nourishment.

12. Half a plastic bottle and a string of hemp! This is how a fat plant vase is created.

13. The moment has arrived to think a little more seriously about children! In fact, with this project you can build a very respectable jet pack!

14. Use plastic bottlenecks to create a greenhouse effect!

15. There is also a DIY project to create a lava lamp!

image: Education.com

Find a detailed video tutorial here.

16. And what about these lamps? They do not even seem to be made with plastic bottles, but instead they truly are! (Follow the link to the credit for the image!)

image: Oh Oh Blog

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