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Video Of Handycrafts

Fairytale Christmas trees: 20 ideas, each more beautiful than the next, for decorating with taste and imagination

Christmas has taken on many meanings in the modern era and each of us now experiences it in a different way. We agree, however, in saying that all over the world there are many families who share the…

An English Seamstress made her yard's fence out of lace and fishnet

If you are a fan of crocheting, you'll most likely love this story. It's about a woman who lives in the peaceful fishermen town of Burra, Scotland, who had the unique idea of making a fence surrounded…

This elderly lady makes memory teddy bears with the clothes of those who have passed away

Some may disagree, but every moment of our lives is precious. Every fall is a lesson and every time we get up again, it is a blessing. Of course, one can always claim that there are some exceptions but…

Drawing on stones is a new hobby that centers and relaxes you. Here is everything you need to get started right away!

There are different activities that can foster a state of calm and inner peace. There are those who prefer sports, some who enjoy reading, and others who love do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and handicrafts.…

Do you use clothespins just to hang laundry? Here are 23 uses that perhaps have escaped your attention!

An object that just cannot be lacking in all of our homes are clothespins. Used primarily to hang wet laundry, these practical objects, in reality, hide unexpected uses that awaken the desire for DIY…

20 ideas with wooden pallets that will make you want to get straight to work

For some years now, pallets have been an economic and creative alternative to traditional furniture! And with a little imagination and some very simple work tools you can create something useful as well…

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