An entire relaxation corner made of…
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An entire relaxation corner made of wooden pallets! These young people propose a project that makes you want to get busy!

June 13, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The wooden pallet is and will always remain one of the most loved objects by DIY enthusiasts but we must admit that we, who have seen many different types of projects, were left speechless by this particular wooden pallet project.

In fact, our great admiration is for the work of a group of young people who thanks to these wooden pallet structures have been able to give their garden a new and unique look.

The total number of wooden pallets used to obtain this result and the amount of manual work needed are considerable, but we are certain that you will agree with us when we say that it is definitely worth it!

Yes, this group of young people created an entire patio made of wooden pallets and with truly incredible results!

For an area of 13x19 ft (4x6 m) you need: 

20 pallets 3x4 ft (100x120 cm) for the floor 
3 pallets 3x4 ft (100x120 cm) for table 
12 pallets 2.6x4 ft (80x120 cm)for the benches 
8 pallets 3x4 ft (100x120 cm) for the high fence 
Other wooden pallets used for finishing

Before proceeding with a project of this magnitude it is advisable to create a paper model with which to imagine the desired result.


The first step will be to sandpaper all the wooden surfaces, even if you would rarely come into direct contact with them.

The second step is to paint the pallets. You can choose the color you prefer but if you want to be on the safe side we advise you to stick to the white as they did!

To make the work easier, you can use a handy paint gun.


Attention! Before applying the actual varnish, you may want to first apply a coat of primer paint, so that the color that you apply will be better fixed.

A sheet of geotextile fabric functions as the base of the structure, so as to prevent grass from coming into contact with the pallet.


Once the pallets are dry, you can start placing the ones that will become the "floor".

Then you can move on to assembly the benches and the part that will act as a fence/back.


To stabilize the latter, the group used steel and wire posts.

Once the low fence has been set up ...

You can dedicate yourself to the decor! Cushions, festoons and ...

Your first, well-deserved aperitif, comfortably seated in the relaxation corner that you built yourself!

What better place to relax and spend an afternoon with friends?

The creators have done even better ...

Then they also placed a swimming pool nearby! Fantastic!!!


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