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A cat owner shows us how she gets rid…
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A cat owner shows us how she gets rid of animal hair from her house and clothes

June 11, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Whoever has animals at home knows the problem well --- pet hair everywhere and moreover very difficult to eliminate!

In fact, a vacuum cleaner may not be enough, because other techniques are required for fabrics such as clothes, curtains, and carpets.

Before throwing in the towel, try these tips that we suggest in this article. Living with an animal at home, without being surrounded by pet hair, is possible!

You should not use a vacuum cleaner for smooth surfaces such as tiles, floors, laminate,  and parquet.

A vacuum cleaner, in fact, creates vortices of air that blow pet hair up from the ground and dispersing it everywhere. It is much better to use a microfibre cloth that captures pet hair without moving it elsewhere. After using it for a few days, you will notice a noticeably reduced amount of pet hair.

How to remove human and pet hair from carpets

For carpets and rugs, baking soda comes to the rescue. Just sprinkle some baking soda all over the surface to be treated,  wait 10 minutes, then vacuum. Baking soda not only helps to remove pet and human hair but it also eliminates unpleasant odors from carpets, rugs, and fabrics.


And in the corners?

Unfortunately, the carpet corners remain a problem! There, in fact, the vacuum cleaner loses its effectiveness. What to do? At this point, a rubber glove comes into play! Put one rubber glove on your hand and moisten the index finger, which you will rub into the corners. You will see with your own eyes how much hair you collect!

The last ditch is to resort to an automatic vacuum cleaner! In addition to vacuuming when you are not at home, it will become your cat's best friend!

Microfibre cloths are a real lifesaver! Use them on smooth surfaces to capture pet hair. They work even better if you moisten them a little.


 Windshield scrapers are indicated to remove pet hair from the sofa.

 In addition, those who own animals at home should be equipped with brushes to remove pet hair from clothes.


A trick for the washing machine.

Get in the habit of adding white vinegar to the wash cycle, in addition to using anti-lint balls that can be purchased at home appliance stores or online stores.  White vinegar softens the fibers of the fabrics making it easier to remove the pet hair, while the balls will catch them as they move among the garments.

A clothes dryer allows you to get perfectly clean garments, without a shadow of cat or dog hair!

Always remember to empty the dryer lint trap after each use, otherwise, you will risk clogging the appliance!

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