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8 useful tips to better manage the anxiety and stress generated by the Coronavirus emergency

Coronavirus is now a sadly current reality in many parts of the world. The degree of diffusion varies from area to area, from country to country, but it seems clear that, to avoid making things worse,…

Covid-19: an expert in sanitizing our enviroment gives us 5 useful tips to better disinfect the home

The Coronavirus pandemic is now a reality that closely affects many people around the world. The contagions increase, as well as the discomforts of all those who have to deal with the restrictive measures…

Suggestions on how to clean your phone during the Coronavirus outbreak without damaging it

Since the Coronavirus outbreak began, public health departments across the globe have been repeatedly expressing the importance of practicing good hygiene. They've been putting particular emphasis on…

Bread starter and how to make it at home: all it takes is flour, water, and a lot of patience

When it's raining outside and your'e forced to stay at home, try putting your cooking skills to the test. If you've already mastered main dishes and desserts, we suggest trying a recipe that's a little…

This teacher made handwashing fun for her 3rd graders. Each morning she puts a stamp on their hand; if it's gone by the end of the day, they get a prize

Teach kids good hygiene habits is a rewarding but not so simple task. This is especially true when it comes to making them understand why it is so important to wash their hands. Kids love to touch anything…

Coronavirus can last several days on some surfaces, but contagion is unlikely according to the ISS

Covid-19, also called coronavirus, seems to live from some hours up to several days on some surfaces of our house, above all when these are not frequently sanitized or disinfected; yet, according to the…

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