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Say goodbye to humidity in your house: how to make a do-it-yourself dehumidifier for a few cents

Humidity in the house should never exceed or fall below certain levels, especially during the winter, but regulating it can be really difficult, especially in certain environments that seem "predisposed"…
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A driver receives a call for help from a woman: to protect her he pretends to be her boyfriend

You don't always notice heroes immediately and the hero of this story certainly wasn't wearing a cloak. The protagonist in question is Brandon Gale, of Rock Island, who tells the story on Facebook. While…

Two children escape alleged kidnappers thanks to their mother's simple advice

Our children's safety is certainly a hot topic, which is very important to us, and which has absolute priority. You know when children are admonished with phrases such as "do not talk to strangers"? In…

Cheating on your partner via the internet has the same traumatic consequences as a real life fling: the evidence

Once cheating on your partner meant looking ambiguously or flirtatiously at someone who was not part of the couple, or the classic excuse of too much work or too many commitments that have kept us away…

A sheet of aluminum foil behind the radiator: one trick to survive the winter and save on the heating bill

During the winter months having a well-tested heating system is a must, ensuring the desired warmth within the walls of your home. It's true that winter can be quite long and especially in some regions…

5 foods that it would be better not to heat or cook directly in the microwave

The microwave oven is a household appliance that is now found in most people's homes, as it meets the needs of those of us who do not have much time to devote to the preparation of lunches and dinners.…

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