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The 7 most frequent causes of numbness in the hands, which should never be ignored

It will certainly have happened to many of you to feel a tingling sensation in your hands, particularly in some of your fingers or extended towards the palm. Tingling can happen at night, probably due…

Garlic alcohol - How to prepare this powerful insecticide that is both ecological and inexpensive

Every day at home various products are used to wash clothes and dishes, to polish the furniture, clean surfaces, and objects, without even discussing products used for personal hygiene and as cosmetics.…

A therapist shares 5 simple strategies to control anxiety and panic attacks

Physiological anxiety is defined as the normal emotional condition created by the body as a response to a stressful situation. On the other hand, a completely different story is pathological anxiety,…

Here are 17 plants that can clean the indoor environment of our homes, certified by NASA

When a house is a home, it is considered a sanctuary, a welcoming haven where one is embraced by the warmth of one's family, and where one should feel safe and protected. But in order for a house to…

Panic attacks, how to recognize the symptoms and learn how to manage them

Anxiety is a natural emotion and physiological response to a stressful situation. However, when anxiety is not proportionate to the triggering context or if one is triggered for no apparent reason, the…

A pair of new parents have created the official rules for visiting a newborn baby and we all should know them!

The arrival of a newborn baby puts all the friends and relatives of the parents in a good mood and everyone cannot wait to meet the newborn baby! Often, however, these first encounters are not at all…

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