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Leaving your charger plugged in can be dangerous: some of the most common hazards

We all live practically attached to our smartphones these days, or in front of the illuminated screen of our computer, whether it is for work or amusement; these electronic devices have one thing in common:…

"Don't kiss my son!": a mom explains why it's better not to have too close contact with a newborn

But how good is it to cuddle a newborn baby? The joy it causes to hold him in your arms, comforting him, saying nice words to him, and above all covering him with kisses. A practice common among all those…

Why do some people get bitten by mosquitoes more than others as summer approaches?

Punctually, as soon as the hottest season of the year arrives, our bodies are literally attacked by swarms of mosquitoes that seem to particularly appreciate our skin; yet, according to what we hear from…

Take care of your feet: the natural and inexpensive remedy to keep them soft and smooth

What would be better than a nice foot bath to detoxify your body and take some time for yourself? During the summer, our feet can finally breathe again and women, especially, love to show off open shoes…

Why do we need to sleep with a blanket on even in hot weather?

It will also have happened to you on the hottest nights of the summer season to sweat but at the same time not feel exactly comfortable sleeping on your bed without a blanket or a light sheet: why, despite…

Woman seeks help from young skateboarders after being chased by a stranger for 40 minutes

When we walk in the street, even in places that are very familiar to us, we must always keep our eyes open because we don't know what could happen to us. Potentially, any of us could be victims of harassment,…

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