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Pisces are shy but at the same time they "march to a different drummer" and are a continuous discovery

Among their many merits and as many "defects", those born under the sign of Pisces (20 February - 20 March) are the people most happiest with their own contradictory nature that you will ever meet in…

5 simple tips to keep your lovely poinsettia plant alive even after the holidays

Every year, a large part of the Christmas holiday season atmosphere is transmitted by the various decorations and lights that are usually placed inside and outside the home. Tradition has it that there…

According to a Japanese research study, these eight recurring dreams may reveal something about your mental health

It has happened to almost everyone to have had such vivid dreams at night that the next day, after waking up, everything felt different, and not at all in the same way as the previous nights. If it was…

Having healthy feet is important and here is how to take care of them every day and avoid unnecessary problems

Taking care of our feet is far more important than most of us imagine. The feet are the base of the support on which our body rests and on which it relies to support itself. Moreover, the sole of the…

Passionate, mysterious, and irresistible those born under the sign of Scorpio are unforgettable people

Mysterious, intriguing, sensual, irresistible—these are some of the adjectives that could be used to describe all those born under the sign of Scorpio (23 October -22 November). There is really no need…

How to grow cinnamon at home and always have this fragrant spice available

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice with powerful therapeutic properties, as well as with a strong and unmistakable flavor. Although this spice is often used in the kitchen in the preparation of desserts,…

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