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Do you often talk to yourself? You are not crazy, in fact, it can be very beneficial for your brain!

In times gone by, it was thought that people who talked to themselves were a little "strange" and were looked upon with suspicion. Often talking to one's self was considered to be a sign of mental instability…

Closing some doors is the best thing you can do to get back to loving yourself ...

When things are not going well in a relationship, it is best to end that experience. More often than not, having the courage to terminate a relationship is actually an act of self-defense. Ending the…

One of the most famous psychologists in the world reveals 22 rules to improve the quality of your life

Each of us spends most of our lives trying to make our dreams come true. Whether it's the finding the ideal job, maintaining a love relationship, creating a family or buying a house, to get what you…

Whenever you feel sad or burnt out, repeat these 6 phrases to feel their healing power

Life is by no means all downhill, but it is inevitable to encounter obstacles that seem increasingly difficult to overcome as we progress in life - which is why we sometimes feel we have depleted every…

Dedicate your time only to those who deserve it, because you will never get that time back again

Time flows inexorably, but often we are not fully aware of its importance. "Lost time is never found again", and from this old proverb comes a reflection --- how many things do we do that end up making…

4 unmistakable signs that the person you are dealing with is a fake person

In today's frenetic and hyper-connected world, opportunities to meet and connect are multiplying, but there is no time for everyone to acquire real knowledge about the other person. On the other hand,…

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