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Cheating on your partner via the internet has the same traumatic consequences as a real life fling: the evidence

Once cheating on your partner meant looking ambiguously or flirtatiously at someone who was not part of the couple, or the classic excuse of too much work or too many commitments that have kept us away…

A sheet of aluminum foil behind the radiator: one trick to survive the winter and save on the heating bill

During the winter months having a well-tested heating system is a must, ensuring the desired warmth within the walls of your home. It's true that winter can be quite long and especially in some regions…

5 foods that it would be better not to heat or cook directly in the microwave

The microwave oven is a household appliance that is now found in most people's homes, as it meets the needs of those of us who do not have much time to devote to the preparation of lunches and dinners.…

All the reasons why you should never kill any spiders you find in the house

Unfortunately, the fear of spiders, like that of snakes, is one of the most common phobias: even today there are many people who, as soon as they see a spider, run to get a newspaper or a slipper to get…

5 suggestions on how to deal with a mother-in-law who's too invasive

Mothers-in-law get a bad wrap. Perhaps it's because they have the tendency to tell their daughters-in-law that no one is perfect enough for their sons. Before marriage, they probably tried to arrange…

8 effective strategies that could help you fight off manipulative people

Are you good at reading when someone is trying to manipulate you? Sometimes, a manipulator can be way more subtle than what you think. It takes just the slightest insult or condescending remark to create…

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