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8 things you should never throw into your fireplace

When winter arrives and the cold follows it, anyone who is lucky enough to have a beautiful and comfortable fireplace in their home have little choice but to light it up. Not only does having a lit fireplace…

Say goodbye to winter cold: 6 tips to save on bills by avoiding turning your heating to the max

When winter arrives, it is important that our living areas are not impacted by the cold weather outside. Typically, to exclude the cold from inside our homes, we resort to using air conditioners or turning the…
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Sunday afternoon syndrome, when melancholy assails us and we don't know why

If we asked you what your favorite day of the week is, you would no doubt answer Saturday, or perhaps, Friday night. Yet, according to the calendar that we all use, Sunday is the day dedicated to absolute…

A few simple tips on how to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke in your house

The smell of cigarette smoke is one of those unpleasant and rather difficult odors to eradicate, both from clothes and from furnishings. Smoking indoors is not a good idea at all and even the most heavy…

If you have an irrepressible desire to eat sweets, it's possible that you are getting little or not enough sleep

Who doesn't like to eat sweets? Although we all know that over doing it is bad for your health, it is clear that if sweet and sugary pleasures did not exist in the world, life would be decidedly more…

How to clean the glass in your oven door in a few easy steps and make it clean and shiny again

We know perfectly well that you really don't want to open the oven in your kitchen and realize that the double glass in the door needs to be scraped, thoroughly cleaned, washed and finally disinfected.…

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