Pressing this button in your car can prove to be very useful, especially when stuck in traffic

by Mark Bennett

August 11, 2023

Pressing this button in your car can prove to be very useful, especially when stuck in traffic

Nowadays, the proliferation of mopeds and cars, especially in big cities, is as obvious as it is alarming: we might say that there are almost more vehicles than people. This of course has consequences and not only for the environment. Cars in particularly numerous in cities and getting stuck in traffic is now the "new normal".

However, there is a tip that can be useful - and more healthy - for drivers. Read on to find out more:

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Being stuck in traffic - for an hour or more - can be decidely unhealthy for us.

And even keeping the windows does not adequately protect us from this health threat: smog. It is no mystery that smog pollution can damage our health...

But we can at least try to "limit this damage" by pressing a button in our car: let's remember that when you turn on the air conditioning - hot or cold - the air that comes out of the vent holes can either come from outside the car or be "taken up" from inside the passenger compartment itself. So, it is much better to select the latter.


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The button shown here is the air recirculation button: by pressing it, it will be possible to prevent significant levels of smog entering the vehicle.

The recirculation system is linked to the air conditioning, but it draws on internal air (and not the outside, "smoggy" air). While you are on the move using the air conditioning in the "classic" way, i.e. taking in the air from outside, is not usually a problem.

However, when you are stuck in traffic for ages, the risk is that the car will "suck" in air which is smoggy and heavily laden with exhaust fumes...

Did you know you had this recirculation button in your car?