Some tips that can help us secure our car so we can sleep peacefully -
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Some tips that can help us secure our…
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Some tips that can help us secure our car so we can sleep peacefully

December 16, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The automobile industry continues to churn out cutting-edge products that inevitably end up costing an arm and a leg!

Some people prefer to pay for their car by check, others by installments, in any case, it is not a small expense. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an eye on your car, and do everything you can to not let it end up in the hands of a car thief!

As a matter of fact, today, we want to talk to you about 6 tricks adopted by thieves to steal cars and the appropriate solutions to avoid having your vehicle stolen. 

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1. Baby Monitor

Thieves often prefer to act during the night to steal a car, aware of the fact that the owner is likely to be sleeping. To keep in touch, day and night, with your car you should think of buying a baby monitor and placing it inside your vehicle. In this way, if someone breaks into your car at night, you will discover it in a moment. In addition, if you do not have time to stop the thief, the baby monitor will still have captured their image, which you can give to the police.

2. A switch that makes sure your car cannot start!

The more experienced thieves take only a few seconds to start a car, but they can not do anything against one that cannot be turned on. The best thing is to buy and install a "kill switch" on your car, with the assistance of an auto mechanic.  A kill switch is an electrical switch that blocks the operation of the car, making it impossible to start the engine until it is disabled. The thief, after discovering that it will take more time than expected to steal your car, will soon cease.


3. Removable the steering wheel

Although car thieves are certainly good drivers, they too cannot do anything to control a car without a steering wheel! This is why it is advisable to buy and mount a removable steering wheel in your car. It may seem strange to take your steering wheel with you when you leave your car, but this definitely ensures that you will find your precious car where you left it.

4. Self-locking jaws

No thief will choose to steal a car equipped with detestable wheel clamp aka vehicle boot that has to be removed. The police usually use vehicle booting to block cars that are parked where they should not be, therefore, if an ordinary citizen cannot drive their own car on which a vehicle boot has been placed, then why should a thief be able to?

5. GPS Locator

If you fear that your car can be stolen, place a GPS locator in a safe and concealed place inside your car. Thieves usually do not have much time at their disposal, so they do not inspect a car before stealing it, which is why a GPS locator will do its duty, allowing you and the police to track down your stolen car without any problems.


6. The wire trick


The wire trick is used by thieves to break into cars and steal them without any effort. However, this technique is only successful in particular cases. In fact, only if your car has a keyhole on the car door, are you in danger because all a thief has to do is to insert the wire and it will open the car door. Otherwise, this technique cannot be successfully used by car thieves. 

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