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DIY winter ice melter ... cheap, fast,…
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DIY winter ice melter ... cheap, fast, and effective!


Ice is definitely the least pleasant aspect of a snowy day and winter in general. Besides being the cause of painful falls it also creates inconveniences, particularly for motorists.

Especially in the morning, the timetable for those who use their car to go to work can be seriously disrupted by the presence of ice on the windshield and on the body of their car, which prevents doors from opening.

There is a homemade remedy which will allow you to get rid of ice in seconds that you definitely need to know if you live in a place that is very cold in the winter.

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1. Fill a container with 1.5 liters (1.5 quarts) of warm water.

2. Add six drops of dish detergent to the water.


3. Next, pour in 60 ml (two ounces) of alcohol.

Mix the ingredients and go outside to try the newly created liquid substance --- just pour it directly on the ice to see it melt away instantly!

The ice that remains can be removed very easily, even with just your hands!

It can be really useful to know about this hack to quickly and harmlessly remove ice from your car so that you can drive safely!

This hack can also be used on walkway surfaces!

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