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This is the easiest and fastest way…
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This is the easiest and fastest way to remove ice from a windshield

December 28, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Among the many inconveniences related to winter, there is one that is a problem for all motorists!  Namely, finding the windshield covered with ice --- which is not a small matter because it causes considerable delay and is a serious setback in getting the morning off to a good start! 

In addition, ice on the windshield puts the safety of both the motorist and everyone else on the road at risk if the motorist decides to drive the car anyway regardless of the reduced visibility caused by the ice!

So how to get rid of ice on the windshield quickly and easily? Here is a trick you should keep in mind. 

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The standard method for defrosting the windshield is to switch on the car engine, approximately 20-30 minutes before driving the car. This system, however, in addition to consuming fuel, is not also not beneficial for the environment because of the car exhaust gas emissions. 

Some motorists have equipped themselves with an ice scraper, but there is the risk of getting cold and wet while scraping. Furthermore, after scraping, usually, there are still ice crystals on the windshield that prevent the driver from having a clear vision of the road. 

So, what's the best way to defrost a car windshield? 

It is very simple and it is advisable for all motorists to follow this technique so as to drive during the winter in complete safety. In fact, this method is so quick and easy because it consists of making a simple solution that is sprayed directly on the windshield. Just fill a small bottle with a spray nozzle with 2/3 of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and 1/3 of water. In addition to completely eliminating ice very quickly from the windshield glass, this solution will also eliminate another problem --- the alcohol combined with the water greatly lowers its freezing point, so you can leave the bottle in the car without being afraid that it will also freeze! 

This is one of those tricks to absolutely keep in mind!

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