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14 practical ways to upcycle plastic…
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14 practical ways to upcycle plastic bottles and make amazing objects

December 13, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

All of us, every day, make extensive use of plastic bottles, accumulating them at home especially as drinking water containers for example since water is a basic necessity.

After having finished the content, we reduce the volume as much as possible and throw them away (remembering to participate in a differentiated waste collection program).

What if we told you that with those plastic bottles that you have crushed and thrown away you could do great things? Today we want to suggest 14 do-it-yourself ideas that you will surely find interesting and easy to make. Take a look!

From a large plastic bottle, create a practical container in which you can save or store objects.

A tea infuser


Make colorful and cute objects with a thousand expressions!

You can also make convenient plant containers or vases.

Or place the top half of bottles over plants to protect fragile seedlings.


Make a DIY sprinkler

Or a mudguard

image: © cnhufa.ru

If you have expensive camera lenses, store and protect them this way!

image: © fooyoh.com

And if you want to extend a sink faucet, here is a solution!


Also in the kitchen, a simple plastic bottle can be very useful. In fact, here is shown how to easily separate an egg yolk using a plastic bottle!

image: © wikilik.ru

And here's how to make a small scoop

Here is how to protect your smartphone while cycling. You can easily do this by using the lower part of a plastic bottle.

And finally, if you love collecting, you can even build, with about 100 plastic bottles, a small boat!

Here is a very convenient smartphone holder to use while recharging.

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