8 practical but ingenious DYI tips that could help resolve recurring problems around the house

Who hasn't had to deal with small, ongoing issues around the house? We're obviously not talking about problems you can't resolve yourself. We are talking about, however, those small, annoying issues that,…
DIY Ideas Recycling

6 suggestions on how you can reuse your coffee grounds for other things

Very few people in the world hate the taste of coffee. This dark, caffeinated beverage is a staple in many cultures and has been around for thousands of years. Millions of people wake up every morning…

10 useful and inexpensive ideas to improve your home using wooden pallets

Although we are still far from conducting a lifestyle that is entirely sustainable for the environment, we must note with satisfaction that the culture of reuse or upcycling has become increasingly widespread…
DIY Recycling Useful

18 upcycling solutions with tin cans that will unleash all the creativity that is in you!

A tin can (aka aluminum can) like those commonly used to contain food or other products has a decomposition time of about 200 years and this is certainly a good reason not to throw away even one! Let's…

How many things can you do with the drawers of an old chest of drawers? Here are 20 ideas you have not thought about!

Have you ever joined one of those social groups --- "I will give it to you free if you come and get it."?  The suggestions that this gallery will give you will make you want to proceed immediately to…
DIY Ideas Recycling

Buy some economical PVC pipes and transform them into something nice for your house!

How many times, in order to give a personal touch to your house have you allocated money to buy objects, decor, and furniture? Often, we underestimate the possibility of being able to furnish our home,…
DIY Ideas Recycling

16 upcycled items that will make your garden or balcony unique

Upcycling is the watchword of our daily life, adopted as a solution to reduce the amount of waste and pollution caused by our current system of production and yet upcycling can have not only positive practical applications…

16 original do-it-yourself ideas with plastic bottles that will come in handy all year round

The more the hours of sunshine in a day increase, the more we feel energetic and desire to be active. If we are people who like to try their hand at do-it-yourself projects, then the arrival of spring…

13 ideas to upcycle broken objects and give them a second chance

Producing trash is very simple. In fact, every hour every person in the world produces a certain amount of trash, but it could be just as easily disposed of if we were all aware of certain techniques.…

Do not throw away old towels! Here are 15 useful ways to upcycle them!

Towels are the kind of product with which it would be better not to be too economical if you want to have good fabrics, that last longer, and do their work well! For this reason, when they become worn,…
DIY Ideas Recycling

10 beautiful DIY projects to upcycle old and used men's shirts

Men's shirts are one of those garments that more quickly succumb to wear and tear, and therefore end up in the garbage can. If you are always looking for a way to recycle or upcycle what you would normally…
DIY Ideas Recycling

Plastic crates can be reused in many ways --- Here are 14 original ideas!

To transport and package our consumer goods, we produce tons of plastic waste every year, most of which are not managed by an effective disposal program (not yet, at least). For this reason, besides strongly…

Some fantastic ideas for upcycling common glass or plastic bottles

Plastic and glass bottles are perhaps among the most odious waste products for those who care about the protection of our poor and suffering world. In fact, if for example, plastic bags can be easily…

15 brilliant ideas to find new utility for a baby crib or cot!

Among the many things we have to find a new destination for when our children grow up, is their baby crib or cot in which (perhaps) they slept for a long time, at least until they learned to climb and…

22 ideas to give new usefulness to objects that often end up in the trash

The do-it-yourself (DIY) boom should have by now taught us now to look at every object as a possible source of creation, as something that does not necessarily have to be used in a conventional way but…
DIY Ideas Recycling

20 brilliant solutions that even MacGyver would be proud of

Many of you will remember the TV character MacGyver, the protagonist of a television series famous for his ability to repair any object or get out of any situation using simple tools such as a knife,…

15 ideas for cleverly reusing objects that you usually throw away

The trending concept of reuse is a very smart way to save some extra money and to avoid adding more waste and garbage to our polluted world. To promote upcycling, there are some useful tricks to come…
DIY Ideas Recycling

24 ideas for upcycling so creative as to be brilliant!

For several years now, the governments of many countries have been facing a huge problem, which worsens from month to month. This problem seems to be clearly linked to the way in which we usually enjoy…

14 practical ways to upcycle plastic bottles and make amazing objects

All of us, every day, make extensive use of plastic bottles, accumulating them at home especially as drinking water containers for example since water is a basic necessity. After having finished the…
DIY Recycling Useful

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