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6 suggestions on how you can reuse your…
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6 suggestions on how you can reuse your coffee grounds for other things

May 10, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Very few people in the world hate the taste of coffee. This dark, caffeinated beverage is a staple in many cultures and has been around for thousands of years. Millions of people wake up every morning and drink coffee. The number of ways to prepare a cup of coffee are almost endless; you can find books and tons of resources online on how to prepare it. Not many people really talk about, however, what you can do with the left over coffee grounds. 

Most of us simply throw our coffee grounds away. We don't give it a second thought that they could actually be reused for something else. From an exfoliating face mask to removing grease stains from cookware, coffee grounds are more useful than what any of us have realized. That's why we've included 6 suggestions on how you can reuse your coffee grounds instead of simply throwing them away. 

Use them as an exfoliating face mask that fights against dark under-eye circles

image: Pinterest

Coffee grounds are perfect for exfoliating your face, thanks to their graininess. You can easily just add the coffee grounds to your favorite cleanser. If you'd like to use to fight the dark circles under your eyes, leave it on for a few more minutes before rinsing your face. 

Use them as a natural insect repellent

image: Pinterest

One common nuisance we all seem to have during the summer months are bugs. We have sprays, lotions, oils, and even candles that are supposed to keep pesky insects like mosquitos from bothering us. A lot of these products are expensive and full of chemicals that are hazardous to our health. If you'd like to give a natural repellent a chance, use coffee grounds. Put them in a metal can and light them on fire. Mosqitoes and other insects do not like the smell of coffee, so they'll stay as far away from you as they can.  


Use them to clean grime and grease off of cookware.

image: Pinterest

Have you ever had a pan that, no matter how many times you scrubbed it, you could never remove all the grease from it? Give coffee grounds a try. It's graininess can get into tough spots your spunge or brillo pad can't reach, which makes it useful for removing grease that's been caked on the pan for months. 


Use them to reset your sense of smell.

image: Wikimedia

If your sense of smell has been altered for any particular reason (like being exposed to pungent smells), try using coffee grounds to reset it. You'll be back to smelling things like they once were in no time! 

Use them to grow mushrooms

image: picryl.com

If you love mushrooms, put some spores in some freshly used coffee grounds and watch them grow! 


Use them to fertilize your garden

Coffee grounds are an excellent way to fertilize your garden naturally. You can add it directly to the soil or add it to your compost. You'll see that your plants will love it and grow quicker and fuller than before. 


These are obviously just a few suggestions on how to reuse your coffee grounds. We hope it's enough to change your minds the next time you think about throwing them away!

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