She wants to enjoy the sun without breaking the quarantine: a grandmother "encloses" a safe area outside her house -
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She wants to enjoy the sun without breaking…
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She wants to enjoy the sun without breaking the quarantine: a grandmother "encloses" a safe area outside her house

By Alison Forde

There are now many days spent in isolation in an attempt to counteract the increase in infections due to Coronavirus, an efficient and practical solution that, however, begins to weigh on the mental health of many citizens. The elderly are the ones who most of all should stay at home, thus avoiding exposing themselves to unnecessary risk: but they too, like everyone else, deserve to enjoy a little sun and be outdoors. This loveable granny evidently couldn't take any more of her four walls, so she decided to get some time in the open air, adopting the correct social distancing and taking the right precautions.

She is a granny resident in Uruguay who had the brilliant idea of delimiting the space outside the house with a tape where she can sit quietly watching the few passersby and enjoying some sun. "Attention, danger: do not pass" says the writing on the tape where the old woman "fenced" herself in. She placed herself there, with a chair and a book, arousing the hilarity of all those who crossed her path. She was portrayed in a photo by a young boy named Jason Mayne, who posted the scene on his Twitter feed.

A simple and innocent solution that does not disturb anyone and allows this granny to take some air and find at least a little of the lost serenity.

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