A grandmother puts the thief who tried to rob her at an ATM on the run: "You're not having my money, I earned it!" - WTVideo.com
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A grandmother puts the thief who tried…
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A grandmother puts the thief who tried to rob her at an ATM on the run: "You're not having my money, I earned it!"

By Alison Forde

Although the hope of a better world should always be kept alive in each of us, we must never forget the right amount of prudence: "trust is good, but not trusting is better", says the proverb. An elderly lady who had headed to an ATM just like every month to collect her pension, probably didn't expect to face a thief intent on stealing her money. At 81, Doreen Jones must have seemed like an easy target, even for the pregnant woman who tried to rob her of her pension. The elderly grandmother, however, did not allow herself to be overwhelmed by the attempted theft and rebuffed the thief with strength and courage.

If it hadn't been for the closed circuit security camera that captured the entire scene, we might not have heard of this old lady's courage. A woman she had never seen before, pregnant and with a sheet of paper in her hand, approached Doreen placing a hand on her shoulder and pointing with the other hand at her mouth, in a gesture that could mean "I'm hungry". She was probably a beggar, but Doreen found herself unsettles by the stranger and asked her to move further away. In response, the pregnant woman tried to steal her card.

image: BBC / Crimewatch Roadshow

The elderly grandmother reacted with extreme promptness and luckily wouldn't let anything be taken from her: "She didn't expect it, I'll tell you!" were her words. What was going on in the old woman's mind at that moment? "No, you're not having my money ... I worked hard for it!".

An incident which unfortunately has had some negative consequences on the elderly woman's health, who has had two heart attacks, and now she is prone to anxiety attacks whenever she has to go to the town center.

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