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6 seniors who meet every day in the…
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6 seniors who meet every day in the same park observing a safe distance: respect in a photo

By Alison Forde

We can say anything about this new generation of teenagers who will soon shape the future of our planet, but certainly one thing must be admitted:they are a rather contradictory generation. Of course, access to the absolute knowledge of the internet makes them much more socially informed and prepared, on the other hand, however, there is a laxness in responsibility surrounding very important occasions or events. For example, during the pandemic, a model of social responsibility is given by the elderly.

For example, in the city of Cuenca in Spain, a local architect named Arantxa Lara captured an example of civic sense and soocial distancing in a time of pandemic with her smartphone camera. 6 elderly friends of yesteryear meet every day in the park near their houses to spend time together and to chat, all appropriately spaced and with face masks; a habit that they keep up daily, except on days when it rains ...

Obviously, at the first image published on the woman's Twitter profile, nobody believed the scene of rigorous respect for the rules of social distancing, but them Arantxa Lara published other images of these 6 friends so united and at the same time so ... distant!

Obviously, the images published by the architect from Cuenca quickly made the rounds of the internet, gathering consensus and approval for that simple yet important gesture.


These 6 elderly friends sitting on the same bench in the same park as always, are an example to follow for each generation in times of global pandemic: to respect personal health and that of others, we remain a bit more distant and wear a mask. We must not give up seeing our closest friends, you just need to be more ... careful!

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