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A young supermarket cashier pays for…
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A young supermarket cashier pays for a woman's groceries when she doesn't have enough money to pay the bill

By Cylia Queen

It's no secret that these days older generations seem to think that young people have no moral values and tend to think only of themselves. Although it's natural to make generalizations about age demographics, it doesn't mean we should be quick to assume that they are true. 

One 19-year-old in particular has made it an attempt to put these assumptions about younger generations to rest. When one woman wasn't able to pay her grocery bill, he stepped in and paid the difference.  

via: CBS DFW

The young man's name is John Lopez and works as a cashier at Walmart in Princeton, Texas. Known by many as an optimistic person who is always corteous and goes above and beyond for his costumers, no one was surprised to find out that he helped a lady pay for her groceries.  

When he told the woman her total had come to 110 dollars, she turned red with embarassment because she didn't think it would come to that much. When he found out that she didn't have enough money to pay all of her groceries, he offered to pay the difference. At only 19 years old, John understood better than adults twice his age what's important in life: helping others in time of difficulty. 


John's kind act didn't go unnoticed, however. A woman waiting in line saw what he did for the other woman and shared the incident on social media. John was then interviewed by CBS DFW, a local news channel. John mentioned that he didn't offer to help the woman in order to recieve recognition: he was just doing something nice for someone who needed help, like his parents had taught him. 

John's story was an inspiration to many, including Brandon Weddle, a man who shops often at John's Walmart location. He was so moved by john's act of kindness that he started a GoFundMe for John to help him raise money for college. Within just a short period of time, Brandon raised over 37,000 dollars for John's education. Apart from the GoFundMe, John also received several awards from local institutions praising John for his altruism. If more people were like John, the world would be a much better place. Way to go, John! 


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