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22 ideas to give new usefulness to objects…
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22 ideas to give new usefulness to objects that often end up in the trash

January 11, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The do-it-yourself (DIY) boom should have by now taught us now to look at every object as a possible source of creation, as something that does not necessarily have to be used in a conventional way but that can be adapted to our needs, even the most frivolous!

What would you say about a set of lamps made from old and economical cheese graters, for example? If the idea intrigues you, then here are some others that are just what you need!

1. Empty rolls of toilet paper used to keep cables in order.

2. Old tennis rackets turned into beautiful vintage mirrors.


3. A chandelier made from an old set of drums.

4. Another do-it-yourself lamp made from a plastic cup and the flashlight on your smartphone.

5. Hookah made by assembling together different objects!


6. Gears from broken watches that become a fantastic disco lamp.

7. A toy dinosaur plants.


8. Sofa made of empty aluminum cans.

9. Old tires that can house beautiful flowers.


10. An old washing machine drum turned into a garden barbeque grill.

11. A chair made from a shopping cart, have you ever thought about it?

12. Strong and resistant armor made with pieces of tires.

13. An "Apple" butter container.

14. A crocodile-computer mouse toy!

15. How to reuse a bicycle without wheels? Let your bike wear shoes!

16. An old video game console transformed into a guitar ...

17. ... Or used as a brick in a wall!

18. Climbing carabiner ... upcycled to carry shopping bags.

19. Create some original candle holders.

20. Old cheese graters used as lamps for the kitchen.

21. From hardware to refrigerator.

22. Empty whiskey bottles used as decorative lighting.

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