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Here is how to use one egg and a tablespoon of salt to relieve joint pain!

With age, unfortunately, both muscle and joint pains increase. If it is true that increasing physical exercise and general movement is the unassailable cure-all for a balanced and active life, then, here…

5 DIY remedies that are 100% natural to tackle the onslaught of mosquitoes!

With the arrival of summer, as punctual as a Swiss watch comes the invasion of every type of insect to seriously disturb the tranquility of our summer evenings and our much-needed sleep. Furthermore,…

Sore throat? Here is how to make an effective and natural homemade cough syrup

Coughing is a natural method of defense used by our body, but if it persists for too long, we must absolutely consult a doctor to understand what is causing this defensive reaction. Surely, coughing is…

According to a Japanese tradition, each finger corresponds to an organ and this is what happens when you massage your fingers!

Did you know that we can give new energy to our body through our fingers and their pressure points? According to the ancient Japanese technique of Jin Shin Jyutsu thanks to a few but simple tactile moves,…

How to keep insects away from the kitchen and bedroom without using chemical products

Every year most of us look forward to the arrival of summer which, with good weather, finally gives us many days full of sunshine. But as in most things that are positive and beautiful, we must also consider…

A dermatologist's remedy to remove dark skin spots naturally and without spending any money

The dark spots on the skin, which generally appear on the face or hands after a certain age, constitute an esthetic embarrassment that afflicts many people. Often, we refer to these imperfections with…

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