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10 simple exercises to train your abs…
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10 simple exercises to train your abs in minutes

October 29, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Wanting to keep fit by practicing sports or gymnastics is always an admirable decision, to be made at any age, and which will be particularly beneficial for the body. Everyone would like to have a perfect body, but to be able to brag on the beach with friends you actually have to make a lot of sacrifices and and do a lot of training. Are you willing to do all this for your health and good looks? If so, you're the kind of person who can find the time to go to the gym 3 or even more times a week, or you're one of those who can do a series of home workouts in your spare time. Again, your willpower and your results will pay off if you do the right exercises. In this article we want to recommend some types of exercises focused on the abdomen, which can be done in a few minutes at home, depending on your level.

1. Bicycle Abs: Great for oblique abs!

2. Plank: a formidable exercise that involves all the abdominal muscles (and more!)


3. V-up abs: tones the obliques, strengthens the back muscles and the entire core

4. Leg raises: especially effective for the lower abdomen!

5. Reverse Plank: a plank done the other way round, very effective for the abdomen!

6. To work the oblique abdominals there is nothing better than this ...

7. Abdominals by lifting just one leg

8. Circular abdominals: they work all over the abdomen

9. Classic Crunches: If you are a beginner you can start with this easy exercise!

10. Reverse Crunch

Don't forget to train the other parts of your body as well and keep your diet under control, otherwise all the efforts you think you are making will be almost useless.

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