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He asked his teenage children to dial…
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He asked his teenage children to dial a number on an old telephone: their attempts are hilarious

October 28, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The younger generations, by now, are able to approach any technological innovation with an expert eye and an agile mind: there's hardly a 10-year-old boy who won't be able to handle a smartphone nowadays. What is more surprising, however, is that the same thing can't be said to be valid with respect to the "technologies" of the past, faced with which many of today's adolescents remain perplexed and embarrassed. Precisely with this in mind, a father wanted to do an experiment with his two teenage children: the man challenged the two boys to dial their home phone number on a very old landline telephone, the manual ones with the wheel. The results are nothing short of hilarious!

Kevin Bumstead wanted to do a little experiment, offering two teenagers of today, an obsolete object from the past: an old telephone. One of those phones where you had to pick up the handset and dial every single number by turning the wheel - many will remember them!

The man laughed at the two guys trying to make the old contraption work, even managing to dial the wrong number. However, the two young people got to work enthusiastically and were not discouraged by Kevin's laughter or the first mistake they made. Initially the two, not recognizing the device, tried to enter the number as if there was a keyboard. Only later did they understand that they had to turn the numbers with their finger.

You can see the funny video here.

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