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Video Of Gymnastics

10 simple exercises to train your abs in minutes

Wanting to keep fit by practicing sports or gymnastics is always an admirable decision, to be made at any age, and which will be particularly beneficial for the body. Everyone would like to have a perfect…

17 persons experience an impressive transformation thanks to a TV show

From 1980 to the present cases of obesity in the world increased by 27% in adults and 47% in children. This medical condition is not only due to a multitude of health problems but is often a source…

5 health benefits from doing the legs up the wall pose every day for 20 minutes

Putting up our legs is not something that should be done only when we feel dizzy! In fact, lying on the ground and putting your legs straight up a wall is a position that is easy to assume. In addition,…

She performed her acrobatic stunts using Michael Jackson's music and conquered the audience

Being nervous before a performance is normal, but not for this gymnast at the University of California. As a matter of fact, Katelyn Ohashi had been waiting all year for this moment! This was the day…

Can you do a backflip while SITTING? This guy can and does ... Wow!

The backward somersault aka backflip is a gymnastics acrobatic exercise to which many aspire to perform --- calisthenics professionals, skaters, martial artists, but also ordinary people. On the Internet, you…

Make your knees stronger with these exercises!

We know that not going to the gym is not necessarily synonymous for laziness --- but it does take time to do exercises and get good results. Fortunately, regular exercise at home can also provide health…

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