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Make your knees stronger with these…
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Make your knees stronger with these exercises!

September 28, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We know that not going to the gym is not necessarily synonymous for laziness --- but it does take time to do exercises and get good results.

Fortunately, regular exercise at home can also provide health benefits. If you have knee problems and general pains, that you just cannot seem to make go away, then try this simple workout!

All you need are a few books! Place the books on the floor and use them as a step. 

Cover image: AskDoctorJo / YoutubeHellerhoff / Wikimedia

Exercise 1 --- Place one foot on the books and lift and hold the other leg up slightly off the ground but do not place your foot on the books.

Keep your movements slow and calm, slowing down even more, if you experience pain. Make sure you are standing on a stable surface. Choose books of the same size that have book covers that are not too slippery.

Exercise 2 --- Bring a leg in front of the books and bend it to 90° angle to bring the other knee in direct contact with the books.

Warning! Do not ever bring your knee over the tips of your toes as it is an extremely damaging position for your knee.


Exercise 3 --- Place the books on a couch or on a low table and crouch down in front of it until your buttocks touch the couch or table while keeping your back straight.

The movement to be performed is similar to that of sitting. 

For this exercise, you may not need any books. Try these exercises and, depending on your physical condition, find the right number of repetitions to do. If you feel your muscles start to burn, this is muscle fatigue, and it is normal. However, if you experience any acute pain, it is better not to do this exercise.


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