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If your fingers start to turn pale when cold, you may have Raynaud's syndrome

During the winter it is advisable to cover yourself adequately so as not to suffer excessively from the cold, but despite the various gloves, scarves and hats, there are still those who can't get warm…

20 photos of "before and after" transformations show that with commitment and courage anything is possible

The photos taken before and after transformations often have the power to leave us speechless. You are able to perceive, thanks to the proximity of two images taken after some time, the sacrifices, the…

5 foods that it would be better not to heat or cook directly in the microwave

The microwave oven is a household appliance that is now found in most people's homes, as it meets the needs of those of us who do not have much time to devote to the preparation of lunches and dinners.…

The 5 most typical mistakes people make that damages their hair and what you can do to avoid them

Taking care of your hair is just as important as taking care of your hair. You don't have to have a rigorous routine in order to look like you just came back from the hair salon. Often, we feel like we…

6 practical tips on how to keep your neck looking younger and developing fewer wrinkles

In today's society, there's no other way to age but to age "gracefully". As we get older, we're constantly looking for ways to reduce the wrinkles on our faces so that we can look years younger and healthier.…

A 43-year-old nurse shows the effects of Covid-19 on his body after 1 month of intensive care

If we still have reason to doubt the serious risks posed by Covid-19, we can listen to the words of Mike Schultz, an American nurse who found himself in intensive care for 4 weeks. After contracting the…

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