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Walnuts are a powerful ally for our health and here are all their beneficial properties

Dried fruits such as nuts, in spite of what we might think, are actually a precious ally for our health because they help us balance our diet in a healthy and appetizing way. In particular, walnuts are…

The power of our hands and what benefits are obtained by adopting various positions

Our hands are a very important part of our body - it is thanks to our hands that we can create and realize concretely many of our ideas. As if that were not enough, our hands and fingers give us additional…

Menopause - Let's learn about the symptoms and effects of this hormonal change

Menopause is a phase of very significant change in a woman's life. It usually occurs around the age of 50, with subjective differences that may relate to both the type of symptoms and the timing of their…

With these simple exercises, we can keep our brains active and prevent Alzheimer's

It is one of the most common forms of dementia, incurable, and therefore terminal. We are talking about Alzheimer's disease, a disease that affects people's cognitive faculties, generally after the age…

If you want to purify your liver, make sure to put these foods on the table!

Over-refined foods, bad eating habits, and very little physical activity make the life and work of a very important organ such as the liver more difficult. Our liver, for example, has the task of synthesizing…

This man has not talked to his family for years because he cannot bear to hear them chewing their food!

How annoying can it be to be at the table, super hungry and ready to enjoy a nice dinner, and find yourself with someone chewing loudly on pork chops with their mouth open? It is really rude to eat noisily…

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