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A mother invents safety belts that warn doctors about a child's pathology in the event of an accident!

When you have children, you usually always worry a lot about their safety and try to always take all the necessary precautions to make sure they grow up healthy and confident. Especially when traveling,…

15 very common foods that you did not know could alleviate joint pains

Joint pain affects one or more joints in the body and can actually be physically disabling in the long run. If you suffer from joint pain due to injury or simply suffer from chronic arthritis, you will…

This mom has created special hearing aids to help children feel more confident

Being a child is not always easy and there are some days when making new friends and adapting to the surrounding world seems to be more difficult than usual. Then, if we consider all those children with…

Apricots are not just delicious! Here are 5 beneficial health properties that you definitely did not know about!

Apricots, besides being a delicious summer fruit are also rich in beneficial properties that should convince us to insert them regularly in our diet. The apricot season is usually from late spring until…

Performing these exercises for 10 minutes a day will help eliminate back and sciatic nerve pain

From the days of our physical education classes (PE!) at school to the instructions given to us by all the gym and fitness trainers in every gym that we have enrolled in during our life, and although,…

A mother with a pacemaker at age 32 claims to have drunk six energy drinks a day for years!

We all know that feeling that assails us in the early afternoon and that causes our eyelids to close against our will. In those cases, if we are not among the lucky ones who can give themselves a restorative…

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