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Here's how 20 minutes of walking a day can change your body and your life

It is unlikely that someone does not know about the enormous benefits for the body regarding physical exercise. Yet, there are many people who simply decide not to do any physical activities in their…

For children --- No smartphones before 10 years of age, pediatricians say

Italy certainly did not need another controversial world record, but in any case, at least regarding the use of smartphones, it is in first place in Europe. The most alarming aspect is that the average…

Sea air helps fight cancer and reduce cholesterol ... scientists confirm this

For those who love the sea, they know well that it is beautiful in every season. Whether it is summer or winter, there is always a way to enjoy its benefits. For example, with activities such as swimming,…

Panic attacks --- one of the biggest misconceptions of our day

You are on the subway, your favorite music playing in your ears. You feel calm, peaceful, carefree. Then, suddenly a black monster assails you, you feel dizzy, you cannot breathe, and you no longer have…

Working 4 days a week would seem to be an advantage for health, productivity, and the environment

Those who live in the modern era consider the classic workweek - from Monday to Friday and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm - absolutely normal. However, many people ignore the fact that this lifestyle was instead…

Being in a bad mood makes you gain weight; important news from nutritionists

For better or worse, our moods affect our state of health, and this is well known. Less is known instead about the effects of individual emotions since much also depends on the way in which each…

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