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Sleeping a lot during the weekend is good for your health and add years to your life

When the weekend arrives, everyone fills it up with a myriad of activities and commitments that they cannot do during the week. But if you are the kind of person who when they think about the weekend…

How old are you? Here is the test to find out the biological age of your body

Our chronological age (that banal number which we find written on our identity card) is very different from the biological one that has a real connection with the body and longevity of a person. Measuring…

Geriatricians confirm that today we really become elderly only after 75 years of age

Modern comforts, scientific discoveries, and more in general, the quality of modern life has inevitably raised life expectancy in more developed countries. A person who is 60 years old today is not comparable…

Always feeling angry makes you gain weight and age faster!

The world is divided into two large groups --- on the one hand, there are people who get angry and upset easily and they cannot keep quiet when they notice something wrong! And on the other hand, there…

A Japanese physician who lived to be 105 years old revealed 12 tips for living well --- they are worth keeping in mind!

The potion of eternal youth has not yet been discovered, but certainly, we know that there are many ways to live as long as possible and most of all, happily. Some of these ways, 12 in particular, were revealed…

School backpacks are too heavy! What are the risks for children? The experts respond...

Suffering from back pain has become, unfortunately, a fairly common problem not only for adults, but also for school-age children. In fact, the very young are being forced to carry very heavy backpacks…

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