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Woman goes to a psychologist for depression but he humiliates her by telling her to lose weight

When one turns to someone for help, you do not expect to be judged - especially if the person one turns to is a specialist. Sometimes, one doesn't always find the right people to ask for help and…

"I am allergic to water: I cannot drink it or even cry without having a reaction"

Allergies are very common nowadays and can involve both food and breathing allergens, such as pollen, mites or pet epithelia (skin cells). So it is no wonder, then, if an individual, however healthy…
Absurd Health Stories Wtf

Young woman who hasn't brushed her teeth for 10 years, says: "I get a lot of compliments, they're white and perfect"

Dental hygiene is undoubtedly an aspect of everyday life that should not be overlooked or neglected: toothache is one of the worst pains ever and, above this, taking care of your mouth is very important.…

The body part you wash first when you shower could reveal a lot about your character

What part of your body do you wash immediately as soon as you step into the shower? An apparently very trivial question that could, in fact, hide answers about our character, our attitudes and our view of…

"That mole looks cancerous, get it checked": stranger saves man's life thanks to her intuition

Skin cancers, and cancers in general, are no joke - you need to get checked periodically to make sure everything is okay. Of course, if nothing is obvious, it can be difficult to identify if there is…

63-year-old woman has a stunning physique: after her divorce, she dedicated herself to fitness

Keeping fit is important - not so much for a purely aesthetic reasons, but above all, to stay healthy as one ages. There are those who just can't cope with fitness exercises and dieting and underestimate…

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