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Newly purchased clothes should always be washed before being worn because they contain chemicals

When buying new clothes, the desire to wear them immediately is always very strong. But before you wear them to show off or to go out with your friends, you should get into the good habit of washing them…

What the "half-moons" on our nails are and what they reveal about our state of health

Our body is a complex mechanism, made up of many elements that interact with each other, all with a specific function. Knowing these elements as best as possible is essential to staying healthy. And we…

10 positive changes that take place in your body if you start walking every day

No doctor will probably ever prescribe that you to take a walk every day, but all the same, taking a walk daily is good for the body in the short and long term. If you have not been physically active,…

A 17-year-old boy suffered a heart attack after spending sleepless nights playing video games

Children and adolescents have always been very attracted to video games so much that, if they could, they would spend hours playing without interruption. The video game issue has always been much debated,…

Hand-foot-mouth disease is an annoying pathology that affects children but it can be fought with good hygiene

During childhood, for each child, this is a phase of life in which different diseases can be contracted. It is, in effect, a completely normal phenomenon, given that the young organism of a child is growing…

Perfectly ripe and slightly spotted bananas can prove to be a powerful ally for our well-being

Tropical fruits have been adopted for regular consumption by almost every country in the world. Moreover, fruits like apples or oranges, and bananas are truly a treasure trove of well-being. Usually,…

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