Her son was in a coma and the doctors had given up hope: "they told me to pull the plug, but I didn't want to"

Mark Bennett

January 23, 2023

Her son was in a coma and the doctors had given up hope:

Do you believe in miracles? Each of us has our own answer to this question. Some believe, while others are more skeptical. Whatever one's opinion on the matter, we are well aware that, at times, life confronts us with things that are initially inexplicable and sees us struggling to explain it in a rational way.

This is what happened in the story we want to tell you about here. The subject is a young boy who suffered a serious injury in a car accident and for whom there was very little chance of survival.

via Pamplin Media


Bobby Asa lives in Oregon and one evening, on his way home, he got into a very bad car accident. It was 2017 and Bobby was only 16.

Immediately transported to a hospital, Bobby received the best medical attention, but his condition was very serious. In fact, doctors told Bobby's mother, Heather, that her son was in a coma and would be unlikely to wake up. And, if he did, he would not be able to walk again. 


Heather respected the specialists and trusted their diagnosis, but her instinct as a mother told her not to lose faith and to continue believing that her child would recover. At first Bobby was completely unresponsive - but then, something incredible happened.

The young man began to react external stimuli, and was able to utter the word "mom" eventually. For Heather, this was a sign that Bobby was fighting and was determined to cling to life. And this is exactly what happened.


Within a few months, Bobby had recovered and was able to return home. For sure, the rehabilitation process wasn't easy but Bobby persevered. Gradually, he began to go back to school and visit his friends again. His family, mother, father and sisters, never left his side. After all, this is what a real team does: they support those who are going through a difficult time and help them to overcome their difficulties.

We can only wish this young man a wonderful future and salute his tenacity and strength. And we applaud his mother who, despite everything, believed in her child and had the patience to wait for him to wake up from his coma, without losing hope.