Woman loses her baby in the 3rd month of pregnancy: to overcome this sad moment she "adopts" 5 dolls

by Mark Bennett

January 17, 2023

Woman loses her baby in the 3rd month of pregnancy: to overcome this sad moment she "adopts" 5 dolls

We know life can be surprising, but not everything it has in store for us is always positive. Many go through very difficult moments in life and struggle to find ways to keep going.

This is what happened to the young woman at the center of this story, who, due to miscarriage, went through a really dark time in her life and found a way of coping that many thought strange.

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Pubblicato da Toni Daly su Lunedì 18 luglio 2022

Toni Daly is a 25-year-old who works as a dog sitter in Tower Hamlets, in the United Kingdom, and who has been widely criticized for a lifestyle choice she made following a trauma she experienced in 2017. This young woman, unfortunately, lost her baby in the 3rd month and it was not at all easy for her to overcome this sad event.

Toni tried many things to get over her loss, but her pain would not fade. As a result, she decided to "adopt" dolls that would become her children. Everyone tries to get over sadness in their own ways, and Toni chose this path. After the miscarriage, Toni separated from her partner and found herself all alone. The situation was getting worse every day for Toni so she decided to see a therapist. After this, she bought her first doll for $150 and started acting like she actually had a real baby.

Pubblicato da Toni Daly su Lunedì 4 luglio 2022

4 more dolls were added to the first and Toni gave each one a name, chose their age and behaves with them like a real mother would. She likes taking walks with her dolls, holding them close to her, watching a movie together, and, since this began, Toni says she feels better and that her anxiety and grief have subsided. But for many web users, it is behavior that something is seriously wrong with Toni.

"Many internet  users were very rude to me. They told me that I am not normal and that with my behavior is concerning. I don't agree with this at all. After all, my choices are my business. But for a while, I stayed away from the social media - I could not bear the weight of the flood of criticism I received," she said.

Despite everything, Toni has never stopped loving her dolls - which are extremely realistic-looking - and will continue to do so until she considers herself healed again.

Each person has to face difficult moments: there are those who choose to deal with these moments in unorthodox ways. The important thing is that, whatever it is, you manage to regain your inner peace and serenity.

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