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This mom has created special hearing…
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This mom has created special hearing aids to help children feel more confident

June 19, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Being a child is not always easy and there are some days when making new friends and adapting to the surrounding world seems to be more difficult than usual.

Then, if we consider all those children with adaptive difficulties, everything is amplified.

Particularly, when many children need to wear external devices that help them overcome their difficulties, as in the case of children with hearing problems, and often this leads to them attracting the attention of other children.

In fact, a widespread problem seems to be precisely the judgment of other children that, in this case, troubles a child with hearing disability from their very first days of school, when the child sees that their classmates are not wearing a hearing aid as they do.

Sarah Ivermee, British, a mother of two, has never had any problems with her four-year-old son Freddie.

Freddie was born prematurely and because of the cytomegalovirus (CMV) that his mother contracted during pregnancy, he was born almost completely deaf in his right ear and mildly deaf in his left ear.

Freddie, however, has never refused to wear his hearing aid at school and actually lives his situation very happily. 

Nevertheless, Sarah soon realized that, unlike her son, many other children were severely affected by this social problem that undermined their self-esteem more and more, making them feel different in a negative way from everyone else.

image: Lugs

One fine day, she decided to customize a friend's nine-year-old daughter's hearing aid, seeing the sadness and discomfort in the young girl's eyes.

It only takes a pair of small nail stickers and you're done! A small gesture that helped a child overcome the difficulty of being considered different from others in a negative way.

From that moment on, Sarah began to reflect on a larger project! She wanted to produce decorations that would help children to feel more confident, but on the market, nothing like it has ever sold.

Here is the perfect idea to create a socially useful business.


Sarah immediately set to work, making hand-made and customizable kits for hearing aids: from superheroes to cartoon characters - eye-catching designs that help every child feel at ease.

The young British mother founded Lugs and through the official website offers dozens of different sticker kits, depending on the model of hearing aid.

The cost of the customizable kits is extremely low and is around 12.50 dollars (10 pounds) per kit.


Different models and customizable kits for all tastes! A simple and ingenious idea, which aims to achieve a truly more friendly and respectful world. 


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