Woman goes to a psychologist for depression…
Appeal from a group of mothers:

Woman goes to a psychologist for depression but he humiliates her by telling her to lose weight

August 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When one turns to someone for help, you do not expect to be judged - especially if the person one turns to is a specialist. Sometimes, one doesn't always find the right people to ask for help and it can happen that you run into a very unpleasant situation. This is exactly what happened to "Lady Boo", a young influencer, who had turned to a psychologist to fight her depression. Although the girl went to the doctor to solve her anxiety-related problems, the specialist immediately dismissed her by telling her that she should lose weight. After asking her if she had enough money, he prescribed her some slimming injections, not paying too much attention to the young woman's mental health issues. Lady Boo felt humiliated, to say the least, by this attitude from the specialist.

Mental health problems are no joke and it is commendable that this young woman has decided to see a psychologist about her issues. Lady Boo is a young influencer who, through her social media profile, tries to promote a positive attitude towards her body type. The watchword is to accept ourselves for what we are, regardless of whether we are fat, thin, tall or short or if we have some physical characteristic we tend to be ashamed of due to social stigmatization. Lady Boo, for example, does not try to hide her fuller figure. When she went to a psychologist to deal with her anxiety and depression problems - issues that have plagued her since she was 14 years old - she didn't think she would be treated the way she was.

"I'm having a hard time, so I went to a shrink. I hadn't met him before, as I had changed my medical center. As soon as I came in for the consultation, I immediately felt judged by the way he looked at me. I talked to him about how I felt and about my history," explained the young woman. But the psychologist was not so understanding, and definitely not very professional: "His answer was if I had enough money, there were some new injections available that would help me to lose weight," said the influencer. After the unpleasant experience, a nurse asked Lady Boo to get on a scale and made a note of her weight; she l did not understand why they were focusing on her weight, since this was not a problem for her. It seems clear that the psychologist had associated her weight with the anxiety and depression she claimed to have. Notwithstanding this, the way Lady Boo was treated leaves a lot to be desired.


"When the scale indicated my weight, the nurse just sighed. Then she said to me: 'It's for the good of your health - this is how we work here. You don't need to cry. When your anxiety is gone, you will say yourself 'I will not eat a lot of rice or pasta to soothe myself'" stated the influencer, finishing her story.

After posting a tearful video, many of her followers supported her, encouraging her to change doctors and not to be disheartened.

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