Grandfather sells his house and becomes…
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Grandfather sells his house and becomes homeless to pay for his granddaughter's studies: he is rewarded with thousands of donations

August 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Many families can no longer even afford to send their children to school due to the rising costs of education. But, only proper schooling can help people emerge from poverty. Desraj Ji knows this very well: he is a man who works day and night to get by and provide for his family, making incredible sacrifices. After receiving the horrifying news of the deaths of both of his children, Desraj Ji had to roll up his sleeves to support his four grandchildren and two daughters-in-law, as well as his wife. The most important thing for Desraj Ji is that his grandchildren can continue their studies and it is precisely to guarantee his youngest granddaughter a good career in the future, that this man has become homeless.

“6 years ago, my oldest son disappeared from home; he left for work as usual but never returned. A week later, people...

Pubblicato da Humans of Bombay su Giovedì 11 febbraio 2021

Desraj Ji lost both of his children in the space of just one year, but he didn't have time to mourn his loss because he had to take care of his surviving, extended family. The man had to redouble his efforts, despite his age, and continue to work as a rickshaw driver in the busy city of Mumbai, India. As you can imagine, the man soon began to suffer from lack of sleep, lack of food and the constant fatigue. But nothing could stop him. What made him keep going was his great sense of responsibility towards his family and, in particular, towards his grandchildren. One day, his youngest granddaughter asked him an important question: "Grandpa, will I have to leave school?". He gathered up all his strength and tried to reassure her: "Never! You can study as long as you want!".

This brave man managed to keep his promise by working insane hours and depriving himself of almost everything. Desraj Ji described his routine as follows: "I started working long hours: I left the house at 6am in the morning and drove my rickshaw around until midnight". Only in this way was the man able to earn enough to pay for school fees and study materials for his niece; additionally, the family also had to save on food purchases: "On most days, we barely had anything to eat," Desraj Ji told Humans of Bombay, a project that deals with people's stories of living in poverty. "Once, when my wife got sick, I had to run from door to door asking for money to buy her medicine," the man continued, "but it was worth it when my niece told me last year that she had got good grades in school".


When his niece told him she wanted to be a teacher, Desraj Ji sacrificed even more: he sold his house and sent his family to live in a village with their relatives, outside Mumbai, while he stayed in town to work. The man began to live like a homeless person, sleeping and eating in his car in which he transports his fellow citizens and tourists throughout the busy streets of the city. Despite these difficulties, when his granddaughter tells him that she is the top of her class, all his pain vanishes: "I can't wait for her to become a teacher, so I can hug her and say: You made me so proud. She will be the first graduate in our family".

The story of Desraj Ji has been publicized around the world, and has touched the hearts of millions of people who have decided to help him through monetary donations. The money raised allowed the man to buy a new house for his family, allowing them to return to living together again.


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