For an 85-year-old woman a wheelchair is not needed -- thanks to yoga! -
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For an 85-year-old woman a wheelchair…
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For an 85-year-old woman a wheelchair is not needed -- thanks to yoga!


Yoga is a discipline that in recent years has become very popular, but often it is still considered to be a light physical exercise program that cannot produce significant improvements. This woman's story will amaze you. 

At 85 years of age, this elderly lady found herself with a curved spine and back due to a severe form of scoliosis. Before she enrolled in her yoga class, she had been told that she would probably have to start using a wheelchair. 

In fact, initially, the yoga exercises proved to be very painful, however, the improvement that she experienced in only one month was amazing! Just look at her back now ...

How this granny got her spine back

This 85-year-old granny is standing tall thanks to the power of yoga:

Pubblicato da New York Post su Martedì 9 agosto 2016

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